Suits season 7 episode 15 review: Is the clinic gone for good?

Suits season 7 episode 15

There were many exciting things about Suits season 7 episode 15, whether it be the return of Dana Scott, the clinic in jeopardy, and also if Stanley Gordon was going to shut down Specter Litt once and for all.

For a moment within this episode (the first one within the two-hour finale), it almost seemed like Harvey and Scottie were about to have a chance to get back together — at least until she realized that Donna was the reason that things went south with Harvey and Paula. The real reason that Abigail Spencer returned to the series tonight was due largely to the presence of Gordon, who was ready to shut down the firm just after he roped them into throwing Jessica Pearson under the bus to the point where she was disbarred.

As per usual, what we saw from Harvey tonight was some of what he does best: Scrambling. He went to Scottie, to Robert Zane, and to others in order to figure out a way to take him down once and for all. Eventually, Harvey and Louis were in trouble and it took Donna coming back to them in order to figure out what was really going on here. It wasn’t so much about what Stanley Gordon was doing to shut down the firm; instead, it was about his attempt to merge his people with Robert Zane’s, who was looking to expand several floors. In the end, it looked as though Zane had betrayed Harvey … but it actually was a little more complicated than that.

Unfortunately, Zane himself was stabbed in the back by some of his own partners, and this put him in a vulnerable spot where working with Harvey may have been his best option.

Is the clinic in jeopardy?

There was a delicate position in which Mike was put into tonight, as it just so turned out that the entire clinic was in jeopardy. Some of the donors dropped out as a result of a lawsuit Mike was fighting and it appeared as though everyone was going to be out of a job.

Then, a miracle happened in the form of a personal gift from Louis Litt, given anonymously, to the tune of $500,000. The firm is alive!

Jessica’s favor

In the closing minutes, it was revealed that Jessica lost her license in Chicago — something that she didn’t think would happen. She needed Harvey’s help in order to lock down a significant case. She was battling the Mayor on a police brutality case and after she won, she lost her license as revenge. This was the foundation for a legal battle that is going to be taking place in the finale, which is the pilot for Jessica’s spin-off show.

CarterMatt Verdict

This felt very much incomplete, almost as though it was never meant to air on its own. Nonetheless, just about every part of Suits season 7 episode 15 was solid and entertaining.

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