Unsung Hero Showdown: Regina Mills, Winn Schott battle in semifinals

Unsung Hero ShowdownWelcome to the semifinals of the Unsung Hero Showdown! Over the past few weeks many of you out there have been voting for some of the characters on television you believe are the most underrated and in need of support — which, in turn, has led to us being where we are today. There are only six contenders left and over the next couple of days, we’ll face some head-to-head showdowns to determine the three who will face off in the finals starting on April 28.

Today, the focus is on Once Upon a Time character Regina Mills (played by Lana Parrilla) squaring off against Winn Schott of Supergirl — they both bring an incredible energy to their shows and it’s hard to imagine either series being even close to what they are without them. They’re each worthy of a spot in the final showdown, but only one will make it there!

Voting Rules – Vote however many times you like! Voting is open between now and 1:00 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday, April 28. The Unsung Hero with the most votes will be brought into the finals.

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Now, let’s get to discussing the contenders further.

Winn Schott – If you think back all the way to the pilot, it’s pretty clear just how important Winn is to the character of Supergirl. He is one of the first people outside of Alex who knew about her alter ego and ever since then, the two have collaborated to ensure that she excels at saving the world. His skills behind the scenes may sometimes be unheralded within the world of the series, but we do not think that they are with many fans, who appreciate Winn for everything that he is bringing in terms of positivity and resourcefulness.

Regina Mills – Meanwhile, the journey of Regina through all of Once Upon a Time to date is rather the opposite. We are speaking about someone here who started out the series as a villain but, over time found her sense of inner strength and has become an Unsung Hero. While she wasn’t always the one labeled with such a moniker, Regina over the years has worked hard in order to do the right thing and save many lives. She’s done something that so many of us have done in real life without powers — realize that often, the only way to get ahead is with kindness and love. She’s learned so much about herself, while also helping to educate viewers unintentionally in the process.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

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Update: Voting in this round is now closed.

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