Ink Master: Grudge Match: Christian Buckingham, Cleen Rock One return

Ink Master: Grudge MatchWhat’s coming up on Ink Master season 11? Let’s just say that we’re going to be seeing the return of some familiar faces in Christian Buckingham and Cleen Rock One. They are coming back for their own season entitled Ink Master: Grudge Match, and this is going to be premiering on the Paramount Network come September 4.

What is the basis of this season? Apparently, we’re focusing on a rivalry between two very powerful, prominent artists who have been on a couple of different seasons together already and this is continuing the format of mentors that we saw this season. Did we need this again? That’s certainly debatable. This format has had its moments this season, but one of the issues that the series has run into with coaches is less time to showcase the new contestants. That being said Cleen Rock and Christian Buckingham’s rivalry is supremely entertaining and we could watch this all day.

What we presume to be good news at the moment is this: With two coaches instead of three, that’s going to mean a little more time with the artists. Given that these guys both seem to love to hate on each other, that also means that we could be seeing a more combative season. That’s the biggest thing that is different about this upcoming season — for season 10, Ink Master went with three winners in DJ Tambe, Anthony Michaels, and Steve Tefft who are all great artists; however, they didn’t necessarily have a history with each other. Here, you’ve got two artists who already have a reputation as bitter rivals. Expect this season to have drama!

Beyond just the theme, it’s nice that the hiatus between season 10 and season 11 is not going to be extremely long. You’re going to have a chance to see more of the show soon and that is something that excites us. We’ll hopefully see some contestants from Ink Master: Angels season 2 on this season and, to go along with that, some big personalities and fierce competitors.

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