Ink Master season 10 finale review: Was Juan Salgado or Josh Payne the winner?

Ink Master season 10

Who won Ink Master season 10: Josh Payne, Juan Salgado, or Roly T-Rex? We’re going to have an answer to that article within this finale review!

But, before we get around to that, though, there are a lot of other orders of business that do need to be taken on — starting, of course, with the ridiculous introduction that Oliver Peck made via motorcycle. What was that? The judges are there, the contestants are present, and the three coaches are all in the process of doing a six-hour tattoo.

The first twist tonight was pretty simple: The eliminated artists had some of the power this season! They chose to name one of the two contestants to enter the final two. Meanwhile, the judges would have the say on the other one.

The master canvases – In looking at the three that we’ve seen, personally we do think that Juan’s is the best overall. It is the cleanest to look at and while Josh deserves commendation for going so big, it’s really hard to tell what’s going on there unless it’s close up. Both of them are stronger, at least from our vantage point, than Roly.

The artist who was voted into the top two by the jury of peers was … Juan! That means that the judges had to decide the second. They chose Josh, which meant that we have the Josh vs. Juan showdown we predicted a good month or so ago at the end. Roly was a solid artist, but it would’ve taken the best tattoo of all time from him to have a really great chance at taking home the grand prize.

The decision – Here, it was close. we do think that the two artists were fantastic and they were both deserving — it really just comes down to who you like the best and who had a better journey over the course of the season. We do think that the overall body of work matters, but you do also have to remember that the two have both delivered really great work all season.

The judges decided that … JOSH is the winner of Ink Master. He was excellent in his field and he was entertaining as hell most of the season. He also had a really tough road to get to this point so we have to give it to him.

Who won among the coaches? – This is not something that we’ve really cared about all that much over time. We rooted for Anthony but ultimately, we just wanted to see some cool art. The judges definitely did that.

The jury of peers decided that when it comes to the coaches, DJ was the one put into the top two. Following that, the judges decided that they would be putting Anthony into the mix. This was a rough night for Steve Tefft, given that both he and his artist finished in third place. The judges then had to decide the winning coach and the recipient of the $100,000 prize. They opted to give it to DJ. He gets the cash!

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