Gotham season 4 photo: Is this Ecco in disguise?

EccoThursday night’s new episode of Gotham season 4 is already getting things set up in a way to spontaneously make you very excited and also freak you out. After all, we’ve got photographic evidence of both things below!

The image below comes via show executive producer Danny Cannon and features a mysterious masked character in what appears to be a jester’s cap. Is this, effectively, the show’s version of Harley Quinn? The answer to that may be both yes and no.

The simplest answer to this mystery may be that this mysterious masked figure is none other than Ecco, the partner of Jeremiah / Xander Wilde who we first saw earlier this season. She showed herself to be very much loyal to Jeremiah while also being rather adept in hand-to-hand combat. The devotion that she has towards him could, in turn, start to lead her down her own path to madness.

Now, where things get tricky is actually using the name “Harley Quinn” for this character. That seems to be something that DC Comics doesn’t want anyone to do in their television properties — they’re making so much money off of her in feature films that they don’t want to feature the character in too many other places. (Remember that DC already nixed the notion of her appearing on Arrow in the past after a small cameo.) There are already some differences between Ecco and Harleen Quinzel to begin with anyway. We don’t really get the sense that Ecco has the same sort of backstory as Quinzel, and she also seems to be far stronger in hand-to-hand combat.

Still, it does make a little bit of sense in order for Gotham to give you a version of this character, if for no other reason than to echo (pun intended) someone many fans of Batman: The Animated Series and beyond love. We will argue that Harley Quinn has been somewhat overexposed over the past few years, especially if you go to a convention and one out of every four cosplayers is dressed like her. Still, the root of the character is fascinating and delightfully demented. That’s what we love about her and hope we can see in some form on Gotham.

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What do you think this new Gotham season 4 photo means and are you hopeful that we’re looking at a variation of Harley? Share below!

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