Deception season 1 episode 6 review: a case that hits home for Cameron

Deception episode 2It’s a personal case for Cameron Black on Deception as someone is targeting his ex-girlfriend, Lexi. Her bodyguard was attacked with a flying lamp and shadow when he went to grab Lexi’s jacket. Kay believes it’s a botched robbery and wants to hand it over to the NYPD. Jordan finds a clue when he sees that Lexi’s publicist, Addie, tweeted Lexi was going to bed when in reality, Lexi was heading to an event. Addie was pressuring Lexi to stay in right before the attack and Cameron thinks she’s connected to whoever is behind the attack.

When Cameron and Kay arrive at Lexi’s photoshoot to question Addie, the lights go dark and Lexi disappears into thin air. After the fact, Cameron and Gunther believe it was the work of black art and the best they have ever seen. What we like about this episode at this point is once again the fast-pace feel. We established all the characters and the target and now we have a case for Cameron to truly tackle. In addition, it’s great to see Cameron admitting that someone created a stunt better than him or anyone. It was a human moment for him and it kind of brought him back down to Earth. It’s also interesting to see Cameron being serious. It’s obvious he has strong feelings for Lexi and because of those feelings we see him in a different light. We see that he does care and that he isn’t all fun and games.

Later when Cameron and the deception crew find a man who created the blackest paint ever created, Gunther and Jordan set out to question the man. This leads the team back to Lexi’s current boyfriend, Raf, who owns a company called IR Tech, who owns the paint. Kay and Cameron question Raf who tells them the paint was stolen months ago and he realizes that the kidnappers have asked for Raf’s new prototype of new technology worth billions. However, Raf’s new technology hasn’t worked yet. Enter Cameron and his deception team, who set out to create an illusion that the new technology works.

As the episode continues on, Cameron’s feelings for Lexi are becoming more and more apparent. It’s obvious he isn’t over her and wants her back, but at the same time just wants her to be safe and happy. Cameron even starts to realize he has intimacy issues and he begins to question whether or not he’s let love slip away. Again, it’s a great human, realistic moment for him and we love it.

The team carries out another successful deception, of course, with a few obstacles to overcome along the way. Overall, the episode and the deception was great, however, we did call who the villain was early on. With that said, we still enjoyed the episode because every other aspect of the episode kept us guessing.

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This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: ABC.)

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