Madam Secretary season 4 episode 18 review: The struggle to keep friends

Madam Secretary season 4Tonight’s Madam Secretary season 4 episode 18 was, of course, a tale of many different narratives.

For Elizabeth, her struggle on the job was trying to take down a ring of organized crime down in Central America, mostly because of the fact that she also was trying to free an American who was trapped there. Consider this another one of those delicate Secretary of State balancing acts that she’s been known to take on as of late. Basically, this meant taking on an authoritarian leader who kidnapped people from other countries and then freed them as a means to look more favorable to the global community. She was manipulative in her efforts to get whatever she wanted.

No matter how hard Elizabeth tried, basically it doesn’t seem as though there is going to be cooperation between America and Honduras in the near future.

Away from work, there was a pretty amusing sideplot in which Elizabeth did her best to tackle another key issue that was on her mind: Keeping friends. This is something that many people in real life are often desperate to do and understandably so. However, that’s a little bit of a different situation when you are Secretary of State. Everyone is constantly going to be demanding of your time and that inhibits your constant ability to make and maintain friends.

Eventually, this did lead to the funniest moment of the episode when Elizabeth and Henry showed up to their friends’ home at the end of the episode with a gift basket, desperate to make up for not being around as of late.

Matt’s date

Basically, Matt’s relationship with Ronnie Baker was over and after that, his mother decided to set him up on a date. He met a woman suggested by another Pakistani mother and while the two got through their awkwardness, this was all eventually derailed by the date’s ex-boyfriend showing up. Matt basically went from dating someone to being a counselor.

After the date, though, Matt did realize that he needed to follow some of his own advice and get back together with his still-very-recent ex. Ronnie decided to take him back and they’ve figure out that they will try to make this long-distance relationship work. He followed his heart, but now he has to wait for a rather long time.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This was one of those Madam Secretary episodes where we were actually more into some of the sideplots, including Matt’s date and Elizabeth’s social life, than we were the main case. Maybe that’s not great for every single episode but on this particular occasion, we have to say that we rather enjoyed it.

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