Timeless season 2 episode 6 review: The siege of Rittenhouse’s Headquarters

Timeless season 2 episode 6 reviewTimeless season 2 episode 6 turned out to be a really fantastic hour of television for a number of different reasons, with one of the biggest ones being simply this: The battle between Rittenhouse and the Time Team was a little bit more personal than what we’ve seen to date.

After all, tonight Wyatt made it so that the fight was a little more up close and personal. He had a chance to invade the mysterious organization’s headquarters and cause a little bit of chaos. However, what he chose to do (or not do) may surprise some people — he opted to not take down Lucy’s mother Carol even though he had the opportunity to do so. Given her prominence in Rittenhouse this would’ve been a big move in stopping their operation; yet, his love for Lucy kept him from doing it, just as Carol’s own love for her daughter kept her from making the decision to kill Lucy. Rittenhouse is still ultimately out there, but strangely, that’s not the most important news right now. That came in the closing minutes when Jiya had potentially her most dangerous premonition yet: Rufus could die! She saw him perish in the midst of a showdown with cowboys, which could be coming later this season. We learned from the Salem Witch Trials that her visions can be augmented, but the end result of them is often still the same.

As for the mission in time tonight, we actually saw thanks to some advances in the Lifeboat a fourth person get on board in Connor Mason. He was an expert in the blues and that made him essential to preserving the history of the iconic performer Robert Johnson. Even though he didn’t live long his contributions to the craft were essential. We’re not going to say that this was the most important episode of Timeless to date in terms of giving us some enormous twists in the time-travel, but it was fun to see Connor go through some highs and lows of being in this situation. (Also, nice to see that he is such a big Star Wars fan.)

The other main takeaway from the mission tonight was the evolution of the relationship between Lucy and Flynn, who are getting closer and learning to work together so much better than before. It doesn’t feel right to refer to the two of them as a ‘ship, but they are clearly two characters who are starting to develop more of a clearer understanding about each other. After all, the two did share a drink together at the very end of the mission — some of Lucy’s frustrations towards Wyatt and Jessica are starting to come out, but she’s trying to be as professional as possible about it.

CarterMatt Verdict

Timeless season 2 episode 6 was one of the strongest episodes this season in terms of offering up some big game-changers in the Rittenhouse story. There probably could’ve been even more done with Johnson, but there needed to be a good bit put into this episode in terms of the larger story. That’s what happens when you’ve got only ten episodes to make something shine!

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