Quantico season 3 episode 1 video: Has danger found Alex Parrish?

After a pretty substantial wait Quantico season 3 episode 1 is airing on ABC on Thursday night — and it won’t take too long before life starts to get a little bit chaotic for Alex Parrish once more.

At the start of the season, it is going to seem as though everything has changed for Priyanka Chopra’s character and understandably so — she is now in an idyllic Italian village, has a wonderful new relationship, and the two parties are working to raise a girl in Isabella. It’s about as normal a life that someone in Alex’s position can have.

Unfortunately, the problem for her remains simply this — you can’t be someone in Alex’s position without some serious drama finding a way to land at your door. Eventually, a ghost from your past will show up, and the sneak peek below strongly seems to suggest that this said ghost is lurking around a corner.

One of the things that is rather interesting about this sneak peek, though, is simply this: Is Alex really being visited by someone dangerous at all? Not necessarily. She prepares her new family for a possible threat, but judging from some of the promotional material that is out there already for this episode, it’s very well possible that this new “threat” is actually just Ryan looking to try and recruit her for a new mission involving Shelby. Given the history that everyone shares here, it’s probably not going to be an easy thing for Alex to refuse. They’ve went through a lot together! Yet, this 13-episode season is going to be themed around many missions so we hardly think it’s going to be as easy for Alex to escape her old life as she may imagine.

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