Lucifer season 3: Three ways to promote series as renewal news looms

Lucifer season 3 episode 17We’ve got a small handful of Lucifer season 3 episodes to air this season and there’s absolutely something exciting about that! However, there is also something extremely nerve-wrecking about the fact that we’re waiting for some of these episodes to come on the air without actually knowing for sure if the series is going to be coming back.

Is there something more that Fox could be doing to give the show some more attention — and, in turn, is there something that we could all be doing as viewers to help it out? Within this article, we like to think we’ve got a handful of useful suggestions.

1. Hype up the Deckerstar drama – You’re probably not going to get too many new viewers to Lucifer, at least in terms of people watching live, this close to the end of the season. With that in mind, if we were the folks behind the scenes at the show we would say to concentrate the promotional efforts on the Lucifer – Chloe relationship and potentially paying off some of what’s been hyped up between the two of them for a rather long time. There’s a lot of great material that could be mined here and we really hope that a lot of it is. Show promos often, and often show them during some of the most-popular programs. We’d really use Empire and STAR as a launching pad plus also cross-promotion on some other Fox-owned networks including FX.

2. Play up the edginess – We live in an era where Deadpool is one of the most-popular comic-book characters and, in a lot of ways, we do think there are some comparisons between him and Lucifer Morningstar. Both have good intentions at times mixed with devilish antics — they also have great senses of humor and really love to live somewhat on the edge. We’d love to see Fox really play up some of that edginess a little bit more.

3. Even more social media campaigns – It’s pretty hard to even say to many Lucifer fans out there what they can do in order to promote the show further, just because of the fact that they are already doing a really good job. What we would say, though, is that beyond watching live + encouraging friends and family to do the same, try to ramp up the social-media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook in order to get the attention of Fox. With a consistent effort and some creative ideas to get the attention of the network, this could prove to be rather fruitful.

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