Why isn’t Elementary season 6 recasting Moriarty?

Natalie DormerWith the premiere of Elementary season 6 coming on CBS later this month, it does feel like now is the proper time to ask again a question that’s been on our mind for the past couple of years: Why isn’t the production team taking a strong look at recasting the character of Moriarty?

We absolutely do think that there are some difficulties that come along with this idea and we get them. For starters, Natalie Dormer is magnificent. This is not meant to be any slight on her as a performer at all. Instead, the problem here is almost that she is too fantastic for the show’s own good. She may not be doing Game of Thrones this season but she is doing movies and according to TVLine, the series was not able to make a reprisal work for her during the fifth season of the show. She has not physically appeared in the series since 2014, and she hasn’t supplied her voice for the series since 2015. That’s a long time and Moriarty is meant to be Sherlock’s greatest villain. This is like Spider-Man without the Green Goblin or Superman without Lex Luthor. We know from interviews in the past that Dormer loves the role, but something’s just keeping it from happening.

We do think recasting the character could work for a couple of different reasons — it could give the writers a chance to think up a fun change for her appearance and beyond that, it tests Holmes in the way in which he deserves. Alas, it’s really too late to do anything about this in season 6, so we’re just going to have to go ahead and root for this to be some sort of occurrence over the course of season 7.

In speaking about the subject of this relationships further in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Rob Doherty did note that you will get a chance to see some more information on the state of Sherlock and Moriarty before long:

“We will address their relationship over the course of the season … We will talk about where Sherlock and Moriarty are these days. We’ll see how Sherlock feels about her as a nemesis and a potential romantic partner. His health is going to give him cause to look at what he has in his life that’s good and working, and what he is missing.”

The idea of how Moriarty is being addressed seems smart; we just wish there was a chance to see her in the flesh again.

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