Hawaii Five-0 sason 8 episode 21 review: Harry Langford’s return and a surprise

Hawaii five-0 season 8 episode 21Tonight, Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 21 gave you a number of different things. For starters, we kind-of want a spin-off show where Harry Langford runs around and just acts cranky with various people connected to cases. (Yes, we also recognized that earlier this season we proposed a spin-off featuring Grover and Eddie the Dog. We can’t quite make up our mind with this sort of stuff.)

Anyhow, Harry’s return to Hawaii tonight had him on the case of a British Royal, one who decided midway through the story that she didn’t want to be watched over anymore. She fled to a wide array of different locations, including a party, and it goes without saying that she didn’t quite have as much fun as she expected. That’s what happens when, in the end, she learned that she was captured by some people who wanted to sell her to the highest bidder.

This is when Harry really went full James Bond, finding a way to jump on board the boat without anyone noticing his approach. Steve eventually joined him and the two parties did whatever they could to take out the bad guys. This was a crazy story with a heck of a crazy ending, and in the aftermath of that we don’t exactly foresee this particular Royal going off to party again.

Here’s the big twist — Danny pointed out to Harry at the end of the episode that he knew that there was something off with the whole case. He recognized that Harry felt particularly concerned about the case. Harry was actually the young Royal’s father, as he had impregnated her mother when the two parties were on the break. Harry has harbored this secret for the entirety of his daughter’s life and it doesn’t seem as though that’s changing.

While McGarrett, Danny, and Harry worked on their case, we also saw Junior, Tani, and Grover take the lead on uncovering a mystery that started many years before — there were Betamax tapes at the core of it and what they found on the other side was pretty shocking. It took them far out of their typical jurisdiction but in the end, they were able to find some justice for what happened so many years before.

To go along with that, back in Hawaii there were some remains that were finally uncovered — with that — a case was closed completely and there was a greater sense of closure overall.

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CarterMatt Verdict

While there were many emotional moments near the end of the episode, there was also a great sense of fun that we had through this, as well. We’d argue that this probably was our favorite episode for Harry Langford when it comes to the show. The more Chris Vance we get, the happier we will be.

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