Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 21 video: A Betamax murder

Catherine RollinsRemember Betamax? Well, maybe some out there do. We never actually had one ourselves (it was a little bit before our time), but here’s a crazy fun fact — Sony only officially stopped producing Betamax cassettes a few years ago! It’s crazy to think about where some of those tapes were heading in the early 2010’s.

Fun facts aside, Betamax is actually going to be a component in Friday night’s Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 21 as an old cassette is going to find its way to Five-0 Headquarters in a suspicious package. It’s analyzed and then, after the fact, it falls into the lap of Junior and Tani. The first thing that we really like about this scene is that it showcases some of the more day-to-day activities of people working on the Task Force — police work isn’t just about running around in the field and getting into car chases. Beyond just that, it’s another reminder of the chemistry that is there with these two characters. (Word to the wise to Junior — don’t talk about even hypothetically watching movies on the toilet in the event you want to try and impress someone.)

As fun as much of this scene is, it does end on a fairly disturbing note after Tani and Junior realize what’s actually on the tape — it’s an apparent murder and with that in mind, they’re going to have to figure out just when this happened and who the victim is. That’s going to be tough given that 1) the video quality isn’t the best and 2) this likely happened many years ago. As we’ve made pretty clear at this point, there aren’t exactly many people out there making Betamax tapes in 2018. They will receive a little bit of help on the case, but how far will this help go?

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All in all, now is a good time to be a Hawaii Five-0 fan. There are a few episodes to go this season, CBS has already renewed the show for a season 9, and as reported yesterday signs point to both Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan returning for another batch of episodes.

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