Station 19 episode 6 review: Vic’s confession; Andy’s Captaincy battle

Station 19 episode 6

Tonight, Station 19 episode 6 put Andy Herrera in a difficult position — having to prove that she was worthy of the Captainship of a Station that she’s been helping to run for years. This had to be frustrating for her, largely because she and Jack both found themselves training alongside multiple other candidates for the job. These were people who didn’t know the station or the way that it runs. With that in mind, it was a little bit baffling as to why in the world they should be getting the same consideration.

To make matters worse for Andy, the powers that be running the training seemed to have it out for her at times — she watched others, including Jack, receive a little more accreditation for their work. Meanwhile, when she took a risk during a mayday call she was chastised for it.

Unfortunately, neither Andy nor Jack got word as to who is going to be running the station in the future, but for Andy she felt as though she’d already lost it. Jack claims that he will win the Captaincy for the two of them, but we’re not altogether sure that this is something that she is going to want to hear.

After arriving back at home Andy and Ryan did have a brief moment — he was curious about how it went. Basically, he was everything that she could’ve wanted in that moment, but she opted to speak to Pruitt about her instead.

The rescue of the hour

Vic, Ben, and others were tasked with trying to save a woman who had their foot stuck in a pothole. Along the way, this was a chance to see Vic gain a little bit of confidence in tackling her fear of fire after watching the victim confess her love for her longtime friend. Vic admitted to her fear in front of the rest of the team at dinner. What the firefighters decided to do was keep things from Jack and Andy and have her work to train on the side. That way, she can figure out how to get back in the saddle without too much suspicion constantly on her.

Meanwhile, back at the station we saw Pruitt struggling with his health; in the aftermath of that, Miller encouraged him to go him. He eventually agreed, but along the way asked Miller to keep what happened with him a secret. She was worried about whether or not she could continue to do the job. In the closing minutes, Pruitt went to the hospital to see Bailey, knowing he was in trouble.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Station 19 episode 6 had one of the biggest emotional moments of the season with Vic’s confession, but along the way there were a number of many funny moments. We’ll still see what happens when it comes to the Captaincy from here.

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