Gotham season 4 episode 19 review: Is Ra’s al Ghul back?

Gotham season 4 episode 19

Moving into Gotham season 4 episode 19 it was clear that there was a lot to be excited about — including the Joker, who was seemingly born at the end of last week’s installment.

Yet, we were surprised come about halfway through that the character wasn’t present; instead, the focus was shifted on a few other characters. Take, for example, Barbara Kean adopting her new position as the Demon’s Head. She had this new position and with that, the desire for all of the power in the world. She’s been out of her mind before, but we’re not entirely sure that she’s ever been out of her mind like this. Even though Ra’s al Ghul was brought back from the dead, she was still convinced (for some reason) that she was going to be able to take this character on. Suffice it to say, this is not something that we are signing off on at all.

Yet, Barbara was relentless, using Bruce Wayne in order to get back the dagger needed to kill him … while also ignoring his claims that it had to be him to do the deed. Barbara was able to team up with Tabitha again (somehow) despite their rocky history of late, and despite temporarily doubting herself, she decided that she was ready to take on Ra’s once and for all.

While Barbara forged her plan Selina went back to Bruce and asked for help, claiming that Barbara and Tabitha were going to get themselves killed. Bruce came in at just the right point to save her, which in turn led to her being able to finally unlock the power of the Demon’s Head once and for all. She was more powerful than she’d ever been but through a decision of choices (and turning back time), she eventually realized that Tabitha was more important to her than keeping her power. She gave it up, Ra’s is revived, and now she’s back to being the same Barbara again. There was no better sign of that than her mopping up the club at the end of the episode … though she and Tabitha did share a nice moment.

Here’s the good news for Barbara — it just so turns out that she still does have an army. Many of the women who fought with her as the Demon’s Head are sticking with her.

The story of Lee and Nygma

The two were working together — or, shall we say, Lee was manipulating Ed to work with her. The Riddler side of Nygma’s brain didn’t love this. He didn’t love the idea of the two robbing banks and it just so turned out that he was helping the poor — and not so much helping himself.

Eventually, though, Ed and the Riddler were able to reconcile themselves and he jumped sides over to the Penguin and Butch. With that, he put Lee in a very vulnerable spot … or did he? Basically, Ed tricked Lee in order to trick Oswald and Butch. He knew that Lee was using him but he didn’t mind — he claimed that he knew Lee (as the Riddler) would feel something for him in the future, and it was really just a matter of time.

Unfortunately for Lee, though, she was caught by Gordon at the scene of the robberies and arrested in the closing minutes.

The cliffhanger

In the closing minutes Ra’s paid Bruce a visit, talking at least in part about his destiny. Is this the beginning of how Bruce really becomes Batman? There’s a pretty good chance. Ra’s has a vision of a major event about to strike the city, one that could “create” Bruce into a “Dark Knight” of Gotham.

CarterMatt Verdict

Was the lack of Joker disappointing? Sure, but the rest of this crazy-fun episode provided to be very much worth it. The Ra’s story was compelling, as was seeing Ed flip around allegiances.

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