The Blacklist season 5 spoilers: John Noble returning

The Blacklist logo any seasonIf you’re down for seeing notorious characters pop up on The Blacklist, consider this news to be more than welcome: Expect to see more of John Noble as Raleigh Sinclair.

As for how he comes back, let’s just say that it goes a little bit something like this: Reddington helped Sinclair escape the last time we saw him and one of the things that we’ve come to know about Reddington over time is rather simple: He’s not the sort of person who does things without expecting something in return. He’s going to come back expecting some sort of favor of his own that Sinclair is going to have to act on.

Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, show executive producer Jon Bokenkamp had the following to say about some of what we could see from this upcoming storyline:

“Next week, it’s time for Sinclair to pay the piper, and the piper is Raymond Reddington … Expect Sinclair — an absolute magician — to try and craft a plot to trap Ian Garvey once and for all. You should also expect that plan isn’t at all what you expect.”

Given that this episode coming up is entitled “Ian Garvey: Conclusion,” all signs point towards this being a really heated showdown featuring the two characters. It’s a bit of a surprising move for the writers to wrap up Garvey before the finale but this may serve two different purposes: Keeping everyone on their toes and then, at the same time, also figuring out a way in which to introduce some new stories and possible characters by the time we reach the finale. It could also allow the series to dive back in and focus on more of its core, and that is at the heart of it the relationship that exists between Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen. That is the relationship that could potentially fall apart depending on what’s going on with the duffel bag of bones.

While we await some of these showdowns the more familiar faces we get, the happier that we’re going to be … especially if many of these familiar faces just so happen to be John Noble.

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