Chicago PD season 5 episode 20 review: Voight’s painful, personal case

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Tonight, Chicago PD season 5 episode 20 began with a conversation we didn’t quite expect — Olinsky encouraging Voight to let him continue to take some of the heat on the Bingham investigation. Their attempt to stick evidence on Ruben didn’t work, and now, they felt that the walls were closing in on him.

There wasn’t too much time to focus on this for now — with that in mind, let’s shift things over for now to the case of the week. A young woman named Hannah, who Voight knew from many years back, was abducted. After that, he then thought that she was finding herself getting caught in the crossfires of a robbery. At first it felt as though she was innocent; yet, then there was some footage that suggested briefly that she was somehow involved in what happened.

After that, though, it appeared as though she may have been coerced to take part. What side was she really on? That’s something Voight had to figure out. There was one man who was a ringleader of the operation in Mike and the objective for Intelligence started to become pretty clear: Finding a way to track down this person. To make matters worse, it turned out that Hannah did betray Voight on some level. Her feelings for Mike were clouding her judgment — she may not have been a ringleader, but she had a pretty clear reason why she was being coerced.

This was a case that absolutely brought out the violent side of Voight again. We’re not surprised given that this is what he does when he feels threatened. Eventually, all of this led to a stand-off in which Voight had to try and talk down Mike and Hannah. It didn’t work and instead, what we were left with was the most tragic of endings. Mike convinced Hannah to run outside and they were both gunned down by the cops. Mike started shooting and there was no other choice.

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What happened to Voight and Olinsky?

Frank didn’t like the presence of Frank Osha working on the case, given that this was a further sign that Woods meant business. He event went so far as to almost get into a fight with him when he realized just how bad things were looking for him. Woods knew that he had an opportunity to take on Voight, but before he could do that, he would take out Olinsky.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago PD season 5 episode 20 was another great episode from the vantage point of getting a good case, especially since it is one that really dived into Voight’s own troubled history and how his mind worked. We didn’t quite understand why he wouldn’t be a little more open with his background with Hannah, though.

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