Chicago Med season 3 episode 16 review: Will’s confession; Natalie’s response

Dr. Manning's sonIs Chicago Med season 3 doing a good or bad thing when it comes to the storyline of Will and Natalie? We’ll be honest here — on the surface, it does feel as though the writers are creating a lot of unnecessary drama where there doesn’t have to be some.

Our frustration for Will within this episode is pretty much at a fever pitch, largely because of the fact that he is the sort of guy who really should know so much better than to make out with someone he meets at a bar while his relationship status with Natalie is “on a break.” Hasn’t Will seen Friends before? He made out with her (with apparently some other stuff thrown in there) and after telling her, she was none too pleased about it. Regardless of what Will took away from the whole “on a break” statement, the consequences here are very much still the same and we’d say that his personal life is now in a good bit of flux. It’s a little too early to say if he’s going to be able to survive this.

Our frustrations with Will aside, this was a very good Chicago Med episode that offered up a little bit more insight into some other characters and their psyche. Take, for example, Dr. Bekker finally showing more of a vulnerable side. After a mistake during an operation she was far more concerned about killing her patient than she was hurting her reputation. Her and Dr. Rhodes both are in a little bit of trouble right now with Dr. Latham but we’ve got a feeling that there is still plenty of time in order for the two of them to turn things around.

As for some of the medical cases this week, there was some fascinating stuff. For example, we had a good chance in here to see Natalie work with Dr. Charles in order to figure out how to help a young girl and her mother deal with a procedure that raised questions as to future gender identity. Meanwhile, Dr. Reese received some advice from Noah as to how to better deal with her father’s hospitalization. We also do wonder if we are setting up for a big story at the end of the season with Sharon, largely because of how she ended up angering a wealthy donor family with what she told a young patient to do: Admit to his role in an incident, largely so that he did not live with the guilt.

CarterMatt Verdict

Why Will, why? While Chicago Med season 3 episode 16 did bring a lot of really great stuff to the table in terms of its storytelling, at the same time it did little to be desired when it comes to Will. It’s great if he and Natalie can turn things around, but was any of this altogether believable in the first place? There are some reasons to question that.

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