Supergirl season 3 episode 14 review: The Legion’s real mission; J’onn’s reveal

Supergirl season 3 episode 14Supergirl season 3 episode 14 brought out many different conversations topics on a number of different things. For example, we had a story of parents, children, and the complicated relationships that can exist there.

Obviously, at the core of this episode was the relationship between Winn and his mother Mary (guest star Laurie Metcalf). She arrived following the death of his father and with that, claimed that she was away out of fear that if she came back, Winn Sr. would have targeted the two parties. That doesn’t change the fact that Winn doesn’t exactly feel grateful to see his mother again. Instead, he’s enraged on the subject.

Meanwhile, with J’onn it’s pretty clear that he is set to engage down a long, difficult road of his own. His father Myr’nn is already starting to show signs of dementia and with that, he’s afraid to admit the truth. He doesn’t want J’onn to have to watch him suffer and with that, he’s trying to hide the truth. When Alex confronted him on it and said that she wasn’t sure she could lie for him, he lashed out at her in turn.

Eventually, Winn and his mother started to bond here mostly because of the fact that nobody seemed to be altogether eager to kick her out of the DEO. She wandered about and actually proved rather useful in helping to stop one of the latest problems impacting the team: Robotic flying monkeys, a sign that there was someone still executing the Toyman’s work even after his death. Eventually, it was Mary who found the Toyman’s apprentice, which in turn was nice mostly since it showed that she wasn’t the villain as we’d suspected. She was captured, and eventually it was the responsibility of Team Supergirl in order to bail her out of trouble. They did that — this wasn’t the most dramatic confrontation of the entire episode, but at the same time, but this wasn’t the most dramatic episode. This was mostly a standalone that was largely about Winn getting to forge more of a bond with her mother. Karaoke was a big theme of the episode and, in the closing minutes, Mary and Winn did a song together — hence the photo at the top of the article.

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Tonight’s revelation

As it turns out, the real mission for the Legion of Superheroes has to do with the third Worldkiller and trying to stop her in the present to save the future. Also, Kara and Mon-El agreed to work together.

Also, in the closing minutes J’onn’s father decided to come clean about what he is struggling with at the moment with his memory loss. Also, Lena has been spending the past few days doing tests on Samantha, who she seemingly seems to know is Reign.

CarterMatt Verdict

One of the best parts of the episode may have been watching Mon-El attempt to sing “Carry on My Wayward Son,” which we like to think was a great nod to Supernatural. While this was a great standalone episode in its own right, we’re looking forward to getting back to Reign and some of the battles that are coming.

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