Lucifer season 3 episode 20 review: A Bones tribute and more

Lucifer season 3 episode 20Lucifer season 3 episode 20 is entitled “The Angel of San Bernardino,” but it may as well also be titled as “The Devil Who Gets Addicted to Bones.” We know that there were many delightful moments over the course of this episode, but none were as wonderful as seeing Lucifer Morningstar becoming addicted to the David Boreanaz – Emily Deschanel series. He determined that they were essentially Booth and Brennan; he also got himself so exhausted that he started to confuse his reality with the show.

The reason for some of Lucifer’s paranoia had very much to do with the presence of an angel doing some various good deeds; which, in turn, led to him starting to think that his father was punishing him for some reason. He thought that these deeds were happening when he was asleep — yet, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

At the center of this episode was a murder — yet, that didn’t really matter all that much as opposed to what was actually going on with the angel. Basically, what we ended up seeing was Maze setting up Lucifer to make him believe that he was the angel. The one thing that matters to him more than Chloe is the perception that his father is controlling him. She tried to distract him long enough so that Cain could sweep in, get closer to Chloe, and execute the main stage of his plan so that he could die once and for all. Her participation was really quite brilliant, since for the longest time Lucifer bought in completely to the notion of him being the angel.

As a matter of fact, it would’ve worked completely were it not for Cain realizing, right before Chloe poured out the entirety of her soul to him, that he couldn’t do that to her. He had developed enough of a conscience to know that ruining her for his own personal gain was too much. Lucifer confronted him about it after the fact and the blowback led to one of the more physical fights of the season. Cain didn’t put up a fight, knowing that he deserved what Lucifer wanted to do to him.

Yet … the big surprise came when Lucifer realizing that Cain’s mark was gone. Is he now free to finally die? There’s your cliffhanger, though we suppose another one could be Lucifer pouring out the truth about Cain to Chloe earlier in the episode; yet, he was so tired that she wasn’t so inclined to believe him. Maybe she also thought in the process that this was a part of an episode of Bones, as well.

CarterMatt Verdict

“The Angel of San Bernardino” was a wonderful episode of Lucifer ripe with comedy, big character reveals, and also a showdown that sets the stage for an interesting final run of stories. With Cain’s secret now out in the opening, the world of the show may be changed once and for all.

Also, the sleepy Lucifer montage, which brought us the glory of the photo above, may be one of the most glorious we have seen with the series.

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