Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Taxes, James Comey, and more

Last Week TonightThis week’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver began in a way that many likely expected: Some highlights when it comes to James Comey. This was, of course, a very eventful week in politics. You had even more Michael Cohen drama, interviews, the decision to bomb Syria, and then also Donald Trump’s response to himself using the words “Mission Accomplished” in order to better describe the Syria mission as a whole.

Oliver went through almost all of this in record time, which of course to us meant mostly one thing: He had to have a pretty important main segment on the night. Well, we got that in the form of taxes and the recent government spending package.

Why do a segment on taxes? We know that this is hardly the most exciting topic in the known world. Yet, given that we are only two days away from the due date on taxes this year, it makes perfect sense for the show to take this subject on.

We do think, at least on the surface, that the subject matter for this segment will surprise some out there. This actually at first wasn’t so much a takedown of Trump’s plan as it was a look at how far some corporations are going to go in order to get out of paying high tax rates. Take, Google funneling money around until they made it to Bermuda — which has a 0% corporate tax rate. With the Trump plan there is a lower corporate tax rate — that may sound great, but there are some other issues that are present here. For example, there is not necessarily a clear link between lower corporate taxes and job creation.

The takedown of Trump’s tax reform came when Oliver talked about all of the various loopholes that are present in the code.

Finally, Alaska

There was a bonus segment tonight! This was ridiculous but also absolutely hilarious. Apparently, Oliver’s show chose to buy up a ton of random Russell Crowe memorabilia in order to send it over to a Blockbuster Video in Anchorage, Alaska. Basically, this was a way in which to get tourists to the last remaining store.

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