The Good Karma Hospital season 2 episode 5 review: Things collapse

The Good Karma Hospital

Pretty early on during The Good Karma Hospital season 2 episode 5, it was pretty darn clear that there was going to be chaos. We don’t know how else you can describe a medical crises that began with a building collapse, one that had the hospital scrambling to the point where Ram and others were rushing back to work in order to recommence some of their various duties.

What the characters found upon their return to work were many difficult cases, including one man who was in desperate need of a transfusion in order to ensure his survival. Unfortunately, in order to get this Ruby had to seek out someone who, at least on the surface, was not altogether inclined to help: His brother. It took a little bit of time to make that happened (the two were very much estranged), but by the end of the episode they did manage to figure it out.

As the episode progressed, it also started to become clear why the brothers were estranged. Ruby felt some of the brunt in having to be stuck in the middle — yet, in the end, she was able to offer up a little bit of peace to all parties.

At the end of the episodes, we saw Lydia treat everyone to a round of drinks. Clearly, this was mostly just a way to congratulate everyone for getting through a difficult day.

On a more personal note, who else felt for AJ tonight? He thought that he was going to get a chance to go out on a date with the woman he cares about, only to then show up and realize that this wasn’t the case. The moment that she kissed someone else at the art gallery, we’ve got a pretty clear feeling that he would walk off in another direction. That he very much did at the end, going to join Lydia and company for drinks. While there, he started to question whether or not he is doing something other than just making a series of poor decisions.

In the midst of all of the hard times in this epsiode, it was hard to remain altogether sad based on how the episode ended: With dancing, characters jumping into the water, and basically engaging in all sorts of other drunken antics.

Then … something terrible happened as Paul seemed to drown himself before anyone noticed. The cliffhanger here is that someone may be able to rescue him in time, but we’re not going to know until the start of the finale.

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CarterMatt Verdict

While this was an episode that was at times about coping with hard times, by the end of it we saw it progress onward to be one more about reflecting and looking ahead. It also managed to completely shake things up with a depressing end we did not see coming.

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