Madam Secretary season 4: Why Tea Leoni’s Elizabeth McCord shines through perseverance

Madam Secretary season 4Perseverance is a necessary skill for just about anyone who makes the bold decision to enter the political realm. After all, if you are making a decision to do this you are effectively also making the decision to put yourself through a lot of drama, scrutiny, and at times even frustration that you would not be forced to do otherwise.

Yet, at the start of Madam Secretary these are some of the things that Elizabeth McCord chose to take on in making the decision to become Conrad Dalton’s Secretary of State. This was not the easiest choice in the world for her to deal with but over the course of the past few years, she’s chosen to navigate just about every nook and cranny of the political world. She’s dealt with scandal within the office, within the government, and of course many a problem overseas. She is the perfect focal point for the latest edition of our ongoing TV Heroes article series, largely just because she represents what is best about government.

Is every decision Elizabeth makes the right one? Not necessarily, but they are all made with the intention of trying to make the world a better place. Much of Madam Secretary at this point is more about the government operating as it should. There is a reason why so many are called public servants rather than money or power-hungry megalomaniacs who want to brag about their position. Her goal is to resolve international crises as selflessly as opposite; she effectively does that time and time again, while also sacrificing a lot of herself in the process. Elizabeth, since taking the position, has lost time with her husband and her children, and has spent many weeks and months on end visiting different parts of the world. She’s put herself in harm’s way and forced her entire family to deal with more public scrutiny than anyone should be comfortable with. If we were a part of this show’s fictional world, these were qualities we would choose to applaud.

All of these sacrifices by Elizabeth have been done with the goal in mind of peace. She wants resolution to problems and she’s absolutely admirable for that. There are good people in government, but we wish that those who weren’t would choose to watch this show and see her as some sort of inspiration. Even if it is an ideal, there’s nothing wrong for trying to reach out and achieve something similar.

The writers do a tremendous job of illustrating some of Elizabeth’s highs and lows, both in terms of her work and also her home life. She tries to keep things as normal as possible, even though “normal” is not often a word you would associate with the Secretary of State’s office. Congratulations must go to Tea Leoni for bringing such an aspirational quality to Elizabeth and also for allowing her to be hopefully, intelligent, and a force for good in a world that often is so steeped in darkness.

When is Madam Secretary returning to television?

Think next week on April 22. Unfortunately, there is no new episode airing on CBS tonight, with one of the major reasons there being the ACM Awards tonight. If you want more details as to what lies ahead, be sure to visit the link here.

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