Should Starz ever create official Outlander aftershow?

OutlanderOver the past several years, one of the biggest television trends that we’ve had a chance to see is the rise of the aftershow. We consider the biggest pioneer in the genre to be Talking Dead following The Walking Dead, though AMC has also experimented with the format using some other shows such as Talking Bad, Talking Saul, and even Talking Preacher. HBO has done something here and there with Game of Thrones while Star Trek: Discovery currently has their own aftershow in After Trek airing at the conclusion of each new episode.

With all of this in mind, should Starz consider doing the same thing with Outlander in the future? We do believe that it would be an interesting idea to invest in. While not every show out there needs any sort of follow-up after every new episode, Outlander has the one thing already any aftershow needs: Devoted fans who love to talk about the show and discuss it. A thirty-minute interactive show could work great here after the fact to facilitate even more discussion and offer the fanbase a universal outlet to discuss everything that happened.

Does Outlander already do weekly videos featuring the producers? Sure, but those are typically brief — if they were to expand those outward, we’d get a little bit closer to our ideal vision.

The first challenge, of course, in making this happen is finding the right host for it. This is where many aftershows have failed outside of the ones that air on AMC: They just don’t have the right person navigating them. You need someone who is funny, a natural communicator, and also knows the books extremely well. You need someone who can ask thoughtful questions off the cuff while also mediating fan questions and keeping track of the time. That’s not an easy thing to do.

The next issue is figuring out the logistics of it, especially with an interactive component. It’s hard to do something like this live given the current shooting schedule — after all, many Outlander episodes air in what is the middle of the night in Scotland. You would either have to pre-record many of the episodes or record them a day or two later. Meanwhile, you would probably have to film some of these episodes in Scotland when some of the cast and crew had some time off to do them.

Logistically, all of this just may not be possible for a show like Outlander; yet, nonetheless, it is still a rather fun thing to think about. So long as the ratings remain so strong and the enthusiasm so high in the project, it makes sense for Starz to try and consider every way in which to market the franchise possible. Offering another venue for fans following new episodes seems to be the right way to do that.

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