How Quantico season 3 will separate itself from other spy shows

Quantico season 3Following the Scandal series finale this coming Thursday on ABC, the third season of Quantico will finally be launching. With that, there is an opportunity to dive into and explore what is hopefully going to be a very different sort of season than the ones that we’ve had a chance to see to date. There will obviously be some new characters and some ones from the first two seasons who are no longer around.

Beyond that, though, there is also an opportunity to push the show forward into a new place than it’s been, and the same goes for the larger spy-drama genre as a whole. Speaking on that to Entertainment Weekly, new showrunner Michael Seitzman had the following to say:

“I wanted to let the show evolve in the third season … I thought, ‘Can I free the show of the trappings of every other spy show on television, which is a lot of screens and a lot of databases and a lot of steel and glass?’”

We certainly do know some of where Seitzman is coming from here, especially since television shows in general do seem to have a little bit of an obsession these days with technology and having characters hammering away on keyboards trying to get results. That’s realistic in some measure, but also not always in the way that it’s presented. Plus, we’ve seen so many hackers and analysts these days that we’ve grown numb to much of the dialogue, which tends to go something like this.

Hacker/Analyst – Some really smart technical terms to describe the problem.

Main character – I don’t understand any of that. English please.

Hacker/Analyst – Dumbs down the explanation.

This exchange has become one of the most overdone things in television and we’re honestly tired of it. For starters, why doesn’t the hacker/analysis just say it in simple terms first after a while; or, why do the main characters keep putting these people down for being intelligent and trying to use realistic terms?

Ultimately, the point here is that Quantico seems to be going for something that Seitzman describes as “practical” and we’re all for potentially seeing missions solved in the field more with social intelligence. Here’s to seeing how that pays off when the show airs.

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