Big Brother Canada 6 interview: Erica Hill talks stunning eviction

Erica HillThis week, Erica Hill became one of the most-notable evictions in the history of Big Brother Canada when a sudden twist courtesy of Canada’s vote ended up sending her home. This was especially sad given that she worked so hard in order to make it to the end of the game and she came up short because of something out of her control. She was, after all, a challenge beast and had never really been in much danger before.

So how is she feeling now, one day removed from what happened within the house? We were eager to touch on some of that with her in our latest Big Brother Canada exit interview.

CarterMatt – How are you feeling right now?

Erica Hill – I’m okay. I’m doing a lot better than I think people would anticipate, especially considering my exit. I’m doing alright, honestly.

I feel we’re in this weird position now where you are having to console the Big Brother community more so than they are having to console you.

I wish I could just extend my arms and hug everyone because I feel like we’re all feeling the same way, truly.

Obviously, you know the game well and that there are twists that can come up at any moment. You were probably prepared for one to drop at some point, but was there something about this week in particular that had you nervous?

I’m not going to lie — it felt a little bit like a twisty week. There was just a sort of energy and vibe in the house that felt like ‘there hasn’t been anything huge in a while.’ But, never did I anticipate somebody being pulled off the block like that and someone having the opportunity to just make the backdoor move. That really caught me off-guard.

The thing I always wonder with something like this is that you had so little time to figure things out. If this happened after the Veto Ceremony, do you think you’d still be talking with me right now?

I think there was definitely a better chance of me figuring something out once I had some time to campaign, but in the same breath if any of the houseguests are good game-players they would have taken a shot at me. So, clearly, they are. If I was in there position, I would have taken the shot a hundred thousand percent. I can’t blame them for that at all.

I’m going to go back to earlier this season when you were in the Tomb Raider challenge. You were killing it and it was exciting, but at the same time I was just thinking ‘Erica, no…’ because you were doing so well. Were you aware of how big of a threat you were becoming when you were killing some of these competitions?

I knew it! I knew it immediately, but there was a weird thing about that Tomb Raider challenge. There was that insane reward on the line and I had to go for it at that point, but beyond that it also lit a fire inside. It made me feel like ‘okay, I really just want to go out there and kill it as best I can.’ The odds of winning at the end are slim. It’s just not in my nature to sit back and throw things and dull myself down. I was just like ‘I gotta come in here, be as authentic as I possibly can, and hope for the best.’

Honestly, I’d rather be evicted at this point being proud of my game rather than floating a little further, not having a target on my back, and then being evicted anyway.

Was there ever a point recently where you felt all that safe?

No, honestly. I knew that with every week that passed that no matter what everybody said to me, this was a house full of flip-flopping individuals. I found a lot of dishonesty in the house and could recognize that, so I never felt truly safe. I knew that as soon as there was an opportunity to backdoor someone, my name was going to be at the top of the list. It didn’t come as a surprise, and it wouldn’t have come as a surprise at any point because every person in the house was pretty vocal about ‘oh, nobody would ever put Erica up — you have to backdoor her’ (laughs). It’s not news to me.

The Erica – Johnny alliance was a lot of fun, but I’m curious about this: If you were in the final three with him and someone else who wasn’t too worthy a player, would you have cut him before final two?

It’s hard to say because right now in this current headspace, I would 100% take Johnny to the final two. If by the end of the game there was no shot that I could beat him, then of course I wouldn’t take him to the final two. But, if I thought our resumes and our game were similar and I thought I truly had a shot at it, I would rather take the risk and bring him than take a floater and give them $20k for not doing a single thing. It just doesn’t sit right with me.

Plus, I think there’s something to be said about bringing someone who was respected even if it could be seen as my downfall. To me, I tried to play the game as honest and truthful as I could.

Understandably, your frustration came out by the end of last night’s episode after everything that went down…

What? What do you mean? No… (laughs)

(Sarcastically) You didn’t curse and tell everyone you loved them; I don’t know what I’m talking about.

(Nicey-nice voice) [I was like] ‘I completely understand where you’re coming from, this is just a game, goodbye everyone’ and then just flew away.

So if someone other than Kaela had nominated you in the same way, would you have been as frustrated?

I think the big thing for me with Kaela was that she so adamant about trying to convince me of her lies over and over and over again. She literally continued to lie about my safety up until the nominations. I knew that I was going up and there was obviously a huge inkling that I was going to be backdoored … so for her to still lie to my face, that’s where my anger came out. It wasn’t the nomination; if someone else had backdoored me sure, but it was the whole ‘you’re safe, you’re safe’ and then ‘my replacement nominee is Erica’ that made me like ‘are you serious? You’re that dishonest and manipulative? Do you not think I would’ve just been like ‘real recognizes real’?

If she had come to me and said ‘Erica, you’re a hugely strong competitor and this may be the only shot I have to take you out of this game,’ I would’ve 100% gave her a hug and said ‘great game move’ and moved on. But, I don’t have any respect for someone who just lies for the fun of it. That really rubbed me the wrong way and that’s where the betrayal came from more than the move itself.

You had a pretty good read on much of the house, so who do you think is the best player?

The best overall player in my opinion is Johnny. I think he’s an incredible social player, he’s a comp beast, and I think he has an intuition and intellect that is untouchable. The problem is that the people in this group don’t see these things as value; they see them as threatening because there are so many people floating.

There are so few people winning. There are four people in the house who have won comps right now. That’s ridiculous! Because that creates a target immediately, I don’t necessarily think that his game will get him the furthest. His game is just the one that I most admire 100%.

So after everything that happened this week, would you go back and play again if you were invited tomorrow?

Hell yeah. Absolutely! I’m packed already — I haven’t even unpacked yet.

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