Station 19 episode 5 review: Andy, Jack break some news

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Station 19 episode 5 tonight officially marks the halfway point of this season. With that in mind, this is where we anticipate the series starting to take its next big step forward as it works to hone most of its identity.

Coming into this episode, the biggest personal obstacle that we saw had to do with Andy and Jack figuring out what was coming up for them next. Pruitt found out that there was something more happening there than he first realized, and that could make things a little bit messier for them.

With that being said, though, it was also clear that there were some other problems in the form of a stakeout. Andy and Maya were tasked with basically watching and waiting for most of the episode — that gave them a venue to talk about things when it comes to Jack, but it also tested Andy’s patience when they realize that there was a danger that they would have to deal with soon. After a shooting involving a police officer, they had to rush in and try to help. Meanwhile, some of Ben’s medical training helped him on a rescue mission of his own, one where he both understood the right way to help and that humanity almost always comes first. He did his part to make sure that a victim was able to have some final words with his pregnant wife. The man died on the scene minutes later, but at least Ben was able to give him this moment.

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After Maya and Andy helped the cop on the scene, they did have a chance to speak a little bit about Ryan and how he’s been helping her with her brother.

Everyone else finds out about Jack and Andy

That news started to come out in the Firehouse after the rescue mission and it just turns out that most of the people in it weren’t altogether thrilled. Jack and Andy were planning to tell everyone, but they found out first instead and were certainly hurt. After all, they did feel like this was a pretty significant breach of trust.

The only way that Andy and Jack could move forward in telling the team was proclaiming this: They broke up. Did that happen? Well, we don’t think that things are altogether simple. Andy did pay Ryan a visit in the closing minutes, but she left before he answered the door.

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Was this an episode of Station 19 that really pushed the story forward in some pretty big ways? We’d say so. If nothing else, this hour explored the relationship between Seattle Fire and PD in a way that we hadn’t quite seen.

As for some other notable parts of the episode tonight, wasn’t it nice to see Miranda Bailey pay a quick visit to the hospital? This was more than just a cameo, though: This marked an opportunity in order for her to completely ream out Pruitt for sticking around the Firehouse. (Why didn’t he tell Bailey the truth about his call, though? Why hold in that pain?) Another nice note was getting more insight on Dean’s personal life and him figuring out a way to be vulnerable — something that he’s not altogether familiar with.

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