Survivor: Ghost Island episode 8 highlights: Chris, Chris, and more Chris

Chris NobleThere is no point in pretending otherwise: Survivor: Ghost Island episode 8 was almost entirely the Chris Noble show from start to finish. It began when he decided to take a rogue mission to Ghost Island at night in order to find a hidden immunity idol. It continued courtesy of him not knowing how to play nice with Domenick and Wendell when they offered him, in good faith, a chance to work together for at least a little while to stick around in this game.

All of this eventually amounted to Chris rounding up everyone after the immunity challenge to say that they should split the vote between Dom and Wendell in order to ensure that the immunity idol is played and one of them goes home.

Best Move of the Week – We’re looking here towards Des (a.k.a. not Chris), who had by far the most interesting play by far. She recognized that so long as Dom and Chris were at each other’s throats, she had an opportunity to round up the women and make a separate play: Go after Libby, which was smart since she is a really significant threat in the game.

Worst Move of the Week – It has to be Chris for not pretending to get along with Dom. Had he done that, he would’ve been able to safely keep his idol and eliminate much of the drama for at least one week. Of course, he couldn’t just make things easy on himself, could he? He had to turn this into a complete and utter hot mess.

Funniest Moment of the Week – Chris seems to think that he’s Dwyane Wade. As a matter of fact, it felt almost like he was name-dropping Dwyane Wade at every single point this episode.

Also, honorable mention was Wendell’s INCREDIBLE voting speech for Chris, completely obliterating him for his rapping skills and saying “you got no bars.”

Standout Player – Once again, it’s Chris. The man is entertainment GOLD. He is not a good Survivor player and in some ways, it’s a miracle that he even made it this far. You really just have to chalk that up to the fact that he really hasn’t faced much danger at this point in the game. The only time he could’ve been in any sort of danger was when he went to Ghost Island instead.

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Elimination – Going into Tribal Council, it was exciting in that there was so much flux. Really, there was a situation where Chris, Dom, and Wendell could all play immunity idols and completely cancel out the votes. There were also possibilities where someone leaves with an idol in his pocket.

To make things crazier, Domenick put his fake idol on his neck at Tribal Council and the two dudes continued to swipe at each other. (Domenick almost went full Desmond from Lost in his voting confessional.) In the end, though, it was Chris who went home. Even better for Domenick is that he and Wendell both still have their idols! Dom used his legacy advantage and that’s it.

We will say this, though: Des’ plan was the most exciting since it would have kept the guys all sweating for one more week.

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