Hawaii Five-0 season 8: Will Adam leave Hawaii before season’s end?

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 17If you are looking for a contender for the award of “guy having the worst year ever,” you don’t have to look too much further than Adam on Hawaii Five-0Just consider for a moment much of what he’s been through. His wife is all the way back on the mainland, his home has been overrun with gang activity, and ever since he first decided to lead the special unit against gang activity nothing but terrible stuff has transpired. He’s had his life on the line, both Kono and Chin were threatened even without them being present on-screen, and by the end of the hour his best operative in Jessie was killed after she tried to run away.

Given where the character is at the moment, is it possible that he could find himself high-tailing it out of there?

At a certain point, it does make sense for the character to decide that he’s had enough. He has already battled many demons in the past and served time behind bars. At what point does he eventually determine that nothing is worth it anymore? Is he ever going to just pack his things and decide to take an extended vacation? That time could be coming, given that because of Ian Anthony Dale’s other show Salvation there is a good chance that Adam may not be around until the end of the season.

Yet, one of the other things we’ve come to know about Adam as a character is that he is not cut from the sort of cloth that allows someone to give up. We imagine him continuing to be a fighter here until the bitter end. At that point, maybe he will feel a little bit more as though his work is done and he can leave to be with his wife full-time again. There’s another good argument here in that he’s in so deep that even if he does make the decision to depart now, some of the people in Hawaii will track him down and kill him anyway.

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One way or another, be prepared for this storyline with Adam to hit its peak soon — it can’t really get too much worse for him … can it? As for Dale’s future beyond this season, that is something that the producers will probably address at some point in the summer.

Do you think that Adam could be leaving Hawaii Five-0 before the end of the season and how do you think it could happen? Share now in the comments!

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