NCIS season 15: Should Torres, Bishop get together this season?

Bishop and TorresMrs. Carter: With Bishop and Torres, has NCIS set the stage for a big romance at some point in the future?

At the moment, there are certainly some signs that the two characters could get together, starting with the fact that it’s been heavily implanted in the story this season ever since their undercover mission. There have been a few references to the possibility this year, including commentary from other characters. They’ve also spent a lot of time together working on various missions and when you’re working this closely with someone spark do tend to fly sometimes.

Beyond just that, we understand why there is appeal from a story perspective in these characters linking up. Personality-wise, they are opposites. Torres is more of a physical agent, whereas with Bishop we’ve got someone who is far more analytical. These two often do a great job working together because they view things through a different lens. We also do think that these characters are not used to being with someone who is so different from them at all; they have a comfort zone and, by and large, they are inclined to stick to that and not drift altogether far away.

As for whether or not opposites will attract this season, that feels like something that’s a little unlikely, at least for the time being. There’s not a whole lot time left for NCIS to cultivate this sort of relationship this season, and we’re still looking at characters that are only a few years into their time on the show. One of the things that we have learned about this series over time is that this is one that takes a really long time in order to resolve some of their relationship stories. It’s season 9 over on NCIS: Los Angeles and even with that, Kensi and Deeks still aren’t married! Despite being around for so many years themselves on the flagship show, NCIS proper didn’t do nearly as much as they could have with Tony and Ziva. Maybe Bishop and Torres are the new producers’ opportunity to learn from some past mistakes in an effort to try and shake things up. If nothing else, a relationship would offer something in terms of a missing link that isn’t there in any other capacity right now. Maybe you can argue that there is relationship potential between Gibbs and Sloane (we are still thinking about that spark that was there when she was over at his house having dinner a few episodes ago), but we don’t think that we’re necessarily all that close to there being anything there either. We still don’t even have a full year of Maria Bello on the show right now.

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NCIS will return with a new episode on Tuesday, April 17, but until then we will continue to bring you scoop on the show.

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