Deception season 1 episode 5: Cameron must find another master of deception

DeceptionThis week’s episode of Deception featured another master of deception (an artist named Bishop) who paints murals on anything he deems big enough. In addition, the mystery of the week revolves around a stolen stained glass window from a church. The thing is that the stained glass window is bigger than life and would have taken a master of disguise to get it. Also, the church is right across from where Bishop painted his latest art, distracting the people on the street from looking at the church.

So was Bishop working with the people who stole the stained glass window? Cameron and Agent Daniels make their way to an art gallery to find an artist named Switch and the one person who may know the mysterious Bishop. Switch explains he hasn’t associated with him in years and that people began selling Bishop’s work for millions which is something that he didn’t like it. He even told them of another artist who disappeared after he painted a mural stating that Bishop’s reign was over. Agent Daniels and Cameron leave moments later and only to discover that Bishop was planning on attacking Switch. Suddenly, a bomb goes off and Switch is dead.

What this episode did that was great was it hit all of the background information early and fast – meaning, as the audience we were introduced to all the aspects of the episode needed for us to try and figure out what is going to happen. The episode also did it fast and they didn’t drag it out.

The FBI later discovers that his paintings coincide with robberies and Cameron believes there’s a connection between Bishop and the mystery woman who set Johnny up. Johnny sees it as a reach, but you can tell he is losing hope. In the beginning, Johnny had more hope in his voice and now has an angry scowl permanently resting on his face. However, Johnny informs Cameron that there is a pattern to Bishop’s paintings to be coded messages that he sends to his team.

We like that Johnny is involved with helping the team because unlike his brother, he sees things that the others don’t, proving he is valuable. Although, Johnny is going to be having other problems in prison when he is recruited to be a gang member and turns them down.

The team tracks down Bishop’s next spot, but they are too late. This leads back to Mecca, the kid Agent Daniels arrested when he was dressed up like Switch. He sees his face on a mural and knows he’s next. He reveals how Bishop has been operating – Bring in Cameron and his deception team! Gunter and Jordan make awesome toys that will allow Cameron to impersonate Mecca. Cameron follows Bishop’s gang to his location where it’s revealed that Bishop is Switch. After he escapes Cameron, discovers that Bishop has been working with the mystery woman and that they are involved in something so much bigger.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we enjoyed this episode. It moved fast and kept us guessing at every turn. Deception is really starting to find its groove and that’s a great thing to see.

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