The Resident episode 11 spoilers: Nic, Dr. Bell face investigation

Resident episode 1While there may be no new episode of The Resident on Fox tonight, we don’t want to leave you hanging without any scoop while you wait for the show to return! When the medical drama comes back on Fox next week, it will do so with an episode that picks up on some recent loose ends, including Lily’s death and the attempts by Dr. Lane Hunter to sabotage her future for the sake of her own self-preservation.

We wish that we could say that the April 16 installment would offer some solace for Nic, but unfortunately, signs point towards things getting so much worse for her before they get better. Our recent preview for the remainder of the first season featured Nic seemingly behind bars, and the upcoming April 23 episode entitled “And the Nurses Get Screwed” seems to bring the character further down this dark path. She’s going to be at the center of an investigation, and unfortunately there may not be any way to help her.

Based on The Resident episode 11 synopsis that CarterMatt has for you below, you’re going to see things turn from bad to worse for Nic due to Conrad’s own meddling:

When Nic finds herself under investigation in Lily’s death, Conrad comes to her defense, but ends up making the situation worse. During a routine surgery, Bell’s patient accidentally catches fire, leaving the hospital to start an immediate investigation into his medical records. However, hospital CEO Claire Thorpe doesn’t realize what she’s up against when Bell plans a counter attack. Meanwhile, Devon deals with a series of ER patients, including a hypochondriac whom he fears could end up under Lane’s care.

This is ultimately what we’ve learned about Conrad over time: He often wants to make things better for Nic, though time and time again he ends up making things worse instead.

As for the story of Dr. Bell, we do have a feeling that there is something equally interesting going on there. This is a man who has basically done everything that he can in order to hide some of his shortcomings this season. Yet, we could be getting to a point now where he’s not going to be able to keep them hidden. Watching a potential fall for him should prove interesting, mostly because of the fact that he’s far from an ideal doctor and in many ways deserves what’s coming to him. Will the producers find a way to add magnitude into something that can be superficially described as comeuppance? Time will tell, just as time will tell if Lane starts to realize that the majority of the hospital is turning against her and she is running out of possible allies.

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