How Wynonna Earp highlights the strength of Nicole Haught

Katherine BarrellIn today’s edition of our Unsung Heroes article series here at CarterMatt, we’re shifting the focus over to Wynonna Earp — and in particular, on the character of Nicole Haught.

When you consider the title of the series, it almost goes without saying that Haught is not the focal point, yet at the same time she is a fantastic contributor and such a great character. She brings a police presence to the story of Wynonna and Waverly, she has both an inner strength and empathy, and she represents one of the greatest things about the Syfy series — a positive LGBTQ representation and a really special love that knows no bounds.

Haught’s work as a police officer really represents the theme of our Unsung Heroes articles perfectly. She’s someone who does her best at her job and not necessarily to be placed atop a pedestal with all of Purgatory heaping praise upon her. She’s under-the-radar, but she’s smart, attentive, and devoted. She’s also a valuable ally to Wynonna out in the field if she needs someone to tackle crime-solving in a bit more of an above-board fashion. She’s a great liaison between the two different worlds and can relate to the experiences of all. Having that sort of common ground with as many different characters as possible is important, especially since it signifies how Nicole may able to navigate some sticky situations that Wynonna, Waverly, or Doc cannot. If they are in a particularly tough legal bind, she may be able to help.

In terms of her work alone, Nicole’s admirable for her never-give up spirit and for doing her best to have a positive attitude as much as she can – that’s something we can all learn from.

As for her personal life…

It almost goes without saying to say that Wayhaught as a relationship is inspirational. It’s one of the most positive representations of an LGBTQ relationship on television, one with definite ups and downs, but also humor, fun, spirit, and hope. You root for them no matter what obstacle stands in their way. It’s a relationship that just feels so genuine and organic and it also serves as a perfect counter-balance to almost everything else that is going on with the show.

When you have characters who are so badass out in the field, it serves them well that they also have the ability to show vulnerability. There is strength that comes with sharing your feelings, and in some ways these characters are still working on that. It’s letting down a guard established by trauma and fear; some of Katherine Barrell’s best work on the show has come during some of her personal scenes exploring her relationship. It’s a very different gear than you see from her in other parts of the show, but it’s still such a natural extension of who Haught is. Barrell and creator Emily Andras have collaborated here on something beautiful, something personal, and in the end, something that is deserving of infinitely more praise than it has received to date.

Somehow in general, even with all of the love it gets on social media, Wynonna Earp remains one of the most underrated series on television. Hopefully moving into season 3 it finds a way to get even more of its deserved spotlight.

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