MasterChef Junior season 6 episode 7 review: The Tilly Burger mission

What is a Tilly Burger? Going into MasterChef Junior season 6 episode 7, this is ultimately something that we had no idea about at all. Given that it was a burger though, we were at least fairly confident that we were going to like it!

As it turns out, the Tilly Burger is actually the creation of one Matilda Ramsey, daughter of Gordon Ramsey and teenage culinary success story in her own right. She already has her own program in the UK and a cookbook, so it’s pretty clear that she’s achieved quite a bit at her early age. She has some of her father’s skills without his propensity for screaming at people.

The main elimination challenge within this MasterChef Junior episode was getting some of these contestants to try and replicate the Tilly Burger to the best of their ability. What this means effectively is doing a number of different things, from stuffing the burger properly with mozzarella cheese to also cooking the perfect mushroom to making the perfect sauce and toasting the bun properly. It was a deceptively hard burger to make and it was clear that there were some people who struggled with it.

Yet, there were some that would be victorious. Mikey and Evan killed it with their burgers, which means that they not only win here, but will also probably have a ton of power in an upcoming team challenge. Given how intense some of those challenges are, having that kind of pressure on you may not necessarily be a good thing.

What this episode and it’s challenge really taught us is that certain home cooks on this season will rise and fall to the occasion in different ways depending on their passions. Clearly, Mikey and Evan are guys who love being behind the grill and doing this sort of stuff. However, Remy (arguably the favorite to win the whole competition) didn’t necessarily have the same sort of fire for this that she’s had with some of the baking challenges or ones that were a little more creative in general. She was in the bottom this time around, though there wasn’t any real moment in which we felt that she could actually be eliminated at the end of this.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode eliminated Camson (who received very little air time) as well as one of the show’s youngest contestants in Maria, and that wasn’t altogether hard to predict given that Camson’s burger was extremely undercooked while Maria’s was extremely overcooked.

This episode, as a whole, was a little inconsistent. The opening challenge about donut-making served no real purpose other than giving a few contestants safety and seeing the judges get doused in icing. Meanwhile, our long-held stance on replication challenges is clear — while it’s great that Gordon’s daughter got in on the act, watching every cook make the same thing is less exciting than seeing them all do something a little bit different.

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