Timeless season 2 episode 4 review: Saving Abiah Franklin

Timeless season 2 episode 4Timeless season 2 episode 4 featured some of our heroes traveling back in time to the Salem Witch Trials, but it’s pretty fair to say that things were chaotic — very chaotic. Adding Garcia Flynn to the mix only added to some of that.

In the aftermath of this past episode, which featured the return of Jessica to the present timeline, Wyatt was too busy figuring out the new state of his life to take part in the new mission. With that in mind, Lucy realized that bringing Flynn back to Salem was the only way in order to stop chaos from unfolding in the era. He had the experience necessary and, as it turns out, he was essential to ensuring that both Lucy and Abiah Franklin (Benjamin Franklin’s mother) were both safe from hanging to their deaths. Flynn wasn’t allowed to travel with a gun for pretty obvious reasons, which eventually led to him finding a gun from somewhere else in order to use it for the big showdown at the end of the episode.

Yet again though, Lucy being saved did change history in that it’s now the Salem Witch Revolt instead of the trials — luckily, Abiah lived on to have ten children, including of course Benjamin. Rittenhouse’s goal was to kill her and, in turn, keep Ben Franklin from ever changing the known world.

Meanwhile, Rufus had his own struggles within the era after Jiya gave him a vision of him killing a man. Rufus saw this man and while he didn’t end up shooting him, he still died in a different way. This was enough to convince him that he really didn’t want to know about some of Jiya’s other visions, by and large because some of them were really starting to play some tricks with his mind.

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Jessica’s story

There were many problems that Wyatt had in the present with his new wife, with one of the biggest ones being trying to come to terms with the fact that in her timeline, she never died and was set to divorce him after not seeing him for months. He then had to make a huge call, and that in turn led to him showing her the bunker and introducing her to the wonders of time-travel.

For as strong and capable an agent as Wyatt is, there was a part of this that was somewhat short-sighted in its thinking. Look at things this way: It may have been Rittenhouse who brought Jessica back so with that in mind, it may also be possible that she is now a sleeper agent herself. Wyatt is rolling the dice and putting his trust in a relationship that he had, not knowing just what the future holds or what the truth is. Based on that look Wyatt gave Lucy when she returned on the lifeboat, Jessica has to assume some of their history, right?

CarterMatt Verdict

There was humor tonight in Rufus’ paranoia, but there was also a lot of really great, interesting drama with Jessica’s return. Timeless is getting to play around and explore some new dynamics this season and it feels pretty clear that this is setting up the series for some new and exciting things to come. We’ve got a capable villain out there as well in Nicholas Keynes, and with Lucy’s mother Carol now being reassigned Rittenhouse may hold nothing back in trying to stop her now.

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