Siren episode 4 review: Is Helen a siren? Ryn reunites with her sister

Siren season 1On the last episode of Siren we saw a very interesting development between Ryn, Ben and Maddie when Ryn decided to crawl into bed with them and sleep in between them. Ryn has pulled in both Maddie and Ben in a bit of a sexual way (as siren’s tend to do with people), and while her crawling into bed with them wasn’t necessarily sexual, it was enough to make us wonder if this show is going to be introducing a polyamorous relationship with these characters down the road? Freeform is a very cutting edge network when it comes to relationships and they aren’t afraid to show all kinds of different romances, so it wouldn’t surprise us if they are moving this trio towards something bigger. For now though, let’s get back into the mystery of what’s happened to Chris and Ryn’s sister.

Ryn’s sister

One of the things that we’ve really wanted to learn more about was Ryn’s sister who’s being held at a military facility with Chris and tonight’s episode is giving us that chance. She has finally found a moment that she can escape (murdering everyone in her path of course) and with all the chaos surrounding this, Chris also takes this opportunity to get out of there. The issue is neither of them really know where they are or how to get out of the building, so they team up and find a way out. As for her name, Ryn’s sister adopted the name Donna after she killed the nurse that Calvin and Xander were investigating as a lead to Chris. Also, just like Ryn, we saw how strong she is as she wiped out almost the entire scientific team at the lab and destroyed a car radio with a screw driver.

Is Helen a siren?

Xander and Calvin get Maddie and Ben up to speed on what they’ve learned so far and they decide to leave Ryn with Helen and head up to Donna’s house to wait with them. While Helen puts a healing balm on Ryn’s skin to help it from turning scaly we learn that Helen also has some sort of skin lesions. She tells Ryn that the doctors call her condition an auto-immune disease which is just another name for “we don’t know what’s wrong with you”, but we are starting to wonder if Helen is a land locked mermaid? She explained that the more mermaids come to the land the longer they can stay, so is it possible that when the massacre happened that Helen worked to become as human as possible as a way to save herself? There is still so much we don’t know about mermaids, like what their life expectancy is, or if they come to land enough times that they can live there in a more permanent capacity. Helen being a siren would make so much sense and would be a really fun reveal!

The investigation

Once Maddie and Ben meet up with Xander and Calvin, they decide to break into Donna’s house to see what they can learn. They aren’t in there all that long before two guys in a black unmarked van show up to clean out Donna’s place of anything that ties her to the military facility. They don’t learn much more then they already knew, but something is clearly going down. When they head back to the military compound they see that it’s in complete chaos. Xander and Calvin see three body bags being loaded into a van and decide to follow them, but once they get a call from Chris they change direction to find him in really bad shape.

Maddie and Ben head back to Helen’s after hearing that Ryn is in deteriorating and refusing to get back into the water over her guilt from her sister getting caught. As her condition worsens, she finally agrees to go back in the water, but not without them giving her Maddie’s necklace (which is doubling as a tracker). Ryn agrees to be tracked and accepts the gift, but tells them that as soon as she can come back, she will. Everything seems like it’s going to work out just fine until Ben gets a call saying that Chris is alive – immediately Ryn thinks her sister is also alive and is now refusing to leave again.

Ryn and Donna reunited

When they meet up with Chris, Ryn sees Donna walking towards the ocean and in her weakened state gets out of the car to follow her. When they finally see each other for the first time they are happy to be reunited and Donna carries her sister back into the ocean. We know that Ryn has a tracker on her and that she’s developed a close relationship with Ben and Maddie, but is that really going to be enough for her to come back to the surface after everything that’s happened and how dangerous it is for her? Once she returns to the ocean, Ben and Maddie can track her for a little while – unfortunately the tracker stops working and they lose her as she and her sister go deeper into the ocean towards their home.


CarterMatt Verdict

It’s funny, but this episode actually felt like it could’ve been a season 1 finale. We didn’t expect the show to tie up the story of Ryn and her sister by episode 4 proving that this show is not one that will be predictable in any way, shape or form. Just another reason that we are completely invested in this story. As a long time TV reviewer, it’s hard to find a show that will surprise us anymore, so when we see something like this, we know that they have something really special with this show. One of the other aspects of this show that we haven’t mentioned in our other reviews, but we want to mention now, is how beautifully diverse this cast is! There are so many different cultural backgrounds to these actors and it’s threaded together is such a seamless way.

What did you think of the third episode of Siren and do you like where the story is going so far? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts on the show.

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