Scandal season 7 episode 17 preview: Olivia testifies in ‘Standing in the Sun’

What’s coming up on Scandal season 7 episode 17? Let’s begin with this: This installment is titled “Standing in the Sun.” That’s a power, evocative image for what is probably going to be a powerful, evocative episode of the show. This is the penultimate episode of the season and with that, all bets are off as we start to see some of these characters come closer to completing their journeys.

In some ways, maybe “Standing in the Sun” is an installment about a reckoning and about characters having to face what are the results of some of their actions. Maybe this is also a person choosing to face the future themselves without any advice from others at all. There are so many people within the Scandal world that have fallen so far at this point that they have to find a way, however possible, to rise up and move forward. If we can see some of these people realize their mistakes, maybe they have a chance to be happy … maybe.

With Scandal, there are no guarantees.

There is not a whole lot of information released in advance of this episode but this shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone. After all, this is largely a Scandal staple to not be altogether willing to hand out information about various stories in advance. They, at the very least, wanted to keep their cards close to the vest until after tonight’s episode.

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Now, we’ve got a little more information. “Standing in the Sun” will feature Olivia testifying, while at the same time also giving us moments of joy and fear. We now have a sense of just how evil Jake really is and it’s scary; it’s almost so bad that it could threaten to obliterate whatever happiness is out there among all of the people cheering over Olivia and Fitz getting together. We’re in the home stretch now and with most of the main players still out there, things are going to get truly crazy.

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