Gotham season 4 episode 17 review: Who is Xander Wilde?

Gotham season 4 episode 17Who is Xander Wilde? As we started to dive into Gotham season 4 episode 17, this was a question that started to pop up … and for good reason. This was who Jerome was desperately looking for and, in turn, it was pretty darn clear that they were important to the show’s endgame.

Through most of the early part of the episode, Jerome did everything he could to find him, including (of course) inflicting as much violence as possible. Unfortunately, what Jerome quickly laerned was that finding Xander was no easy task. He had people he was in association with and some of them were dangerous — far more dangerous than he imagined. This is what led to Jerome being trapped in a cage and eventually transported. He was left basically in a room by himself being recorded — from there, Jerome let it slip that he’s known him a very long time.

Jerome wasn’t the only person who had connections to Xander Wilde. As it turned out, this man had some past dealings with Thomas Wayne. As Gordon figured out, this was someone deliberately trying to hide from Jerome. They eventually found Xander’s compound, where he had been living for a better part of six years. As it turns out, Xander is … Jerome? Not exactly. As it turns out, he’s his brother! He’s not exactly similar to Jerome, at least based on the story that he told. He was highly intelligent and spent most of his life preparing for when his brother was coming.

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Here’s where things got problematic for Xander — many of Jerome’s friends, including Scarecrow and Mad Hatter, infiltrated the facility. Eventually Jerome got out and decided to relish the opportunity to cause all sorts of chaos. Somehow, Xander (otherwise known as Jeremiah) was put into protective custody after her made it out in one piece.

As for Jerome, he made it back to his Legion of Horribles where it was revealed that he has a laughing toxin he will use to turn the entire town crazy.

The Riddler’s game

Gotham wouldn’t be Gotham without a villain pulling some ridiculous scheme, and we saw that manifest itself tonight in the form of Edward Nygma hosting his own “game show” that killed contestants who couldn’t solve his riddles. Lee didn’t love it, and with that, she did everything that she could to put a stop to it. She decided to play the game, which reminded us once more as to why she is the formidable leader of the Narrows. She managed to best Nygma by playing his own game. She was able to manipulate him using one of the things that she had at her arsenal: Her charm. She knows the feelings that were there, and it looks like now forging a romantic connection is one of the best ways to ensure her survival.

Oswald finds an old ally

After nearly being killed by him earlier in the episode the Penguin was able to forge an unlikely alliance with Butch for the time being.

CarterMatt Verdict

Gotham season 4 episode 17 tonight was an hour of big reveals, mostly, whether it be learning the truth about Xander to also seeing that the Riddler is hardly invulnerable even at what he does best.

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