Blue Bloods season 8 finale forecast: Jamko, Frank in danger, other hopes

Blue Bloods season 8

What should be coming up on the Blue Bloods season 8 finale? We’re back with another edition of our ongoing Finale Forecast article series and here, the primary order of business is doing everything that we can in order to address the subject.

First, the facts: The finale is coming in early May and, at present, there is no official season 9 over at CBS. This is not changing our perception, however, that there will be more of the show. That’s an assumption that we’ve had for a little while now and it’s not one that we think will be going away from now until when it’s announced. The ratings are good and the series still has some of the most devoted fans out there.

For the sake of this article, our goal is pretty darn simple: Laying out what we should have a chance to see after going through the journey of the show this season.

1. A big moment for Jamko – Just how long are fans of Jamie and Eddie really going to have to wait? There are signs that a big story for the two characters could be coming as soon as Friday night, but that does not correlate to mean that they’ll be getting together as a couple.

2. Have Frank be in some sort of danger – It’s great that Tom Selleck’s character is always so firm and distinguished, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen him in a position where he had to sweat a little bit. That’s a necessary thing for a show like this in order for it to have a little bit of parity. Putting Frank in some danger unifies the rest of the Reagan family, including Henry, and there’s something quite exciting about seeing them rally together for a unified cause.

3. Give Danny Reagan a chance to reflect – One of the largest themes so far for season 8 is Danny coming to terms with the death of Linda, and we do think that the finale is a time in which to circle back to that and focus on it a little bit more. If you do want to explore Danny eventually getting back into the dating pool, next season could be the right time in which to do it.

4. Have Nicky decide more on her future – We know that she’s considered becoming a part of the “family business,” so to speak, and she’s been through quite a bit this season including having to deal with on-the-job sexual harassment. We do think her getting more into law enforcement and starting more down that path would be an interest story going into season 9.

5. Could Erin get a promotion? – We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the idea of Jamie being promoted to a better spot within the NYPD. Yet, we do think it’d be interesting to see what happens if Erin moves up the ranks even more. What’s the ultimate endgame going to be with her?

What do you want to see on the Blue Bloods season 8 finale? Share right now in the comments!

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