NCIS season 15 episode 20 review: Are Bishop and Thomas Buckner dating?

Bishop - NCISIt’s been a little wait in between episodes of NCIS (April is always kinda sketchy with short breaks in between airings), but the show is back tonight and this episode is a big one. This marks the 350th episode of the show which is a huge milestone for any series. One of the things we are most excited about going into this episode is that it’s going to focus on a key witness that is blind and that is something that is near and dear to us here at CarterMatt since one of our co-owners (Matt Carter) is legally blind himself. We like seeing the blind community represented on television in a way that can help show others out there without experience in this that being blind does not mean the end of a fruitful existence.

Bishop’s date

We know that there have been some people out there that have been rooting for Bishop to get together with her high school bully Thomas Buckner ever since he was part of a case and had a chance to make amends with her, but for us, it’s a pairing that we are having a harder time buying into. We understand forgiveness and it’s an important aspect to moving on and healing – we also understand moving past it and having a friendship since people do change and grow up since the glory days of high school, but romantically there’s something a little off for us about letting someone who spent much of their time making sure you were miserable into such an intimate part of your life (like into your bed).

The friendship between Thomas and Bishop has grown which is cool to see, but it looks like these two may have ended up on an unintentional date. When he comes into town Torres is bummed to hear that Thomas didn’t call him to hang out (they’ve become pretty good friends), but once he hears that Bishop went out with him he seems a little jealous on both parts (that Thomas didn’t call him and that Bishop went on a date). She isn’t convinced it was a date, but when Torres and McGee bring up that it wasn’t just drinks but also dinner and that Thomas paid the cheque she starts to wonder if maybe it was a date. Really, it was only a date if Bishop and Thomas are interested in each other and that hasn’t been fleshed out yet. For all you Bishop and Thomas shippers though – this is a really good first step towards something more! For all of you Bishop and Torres shippers this was also a good sign for this relationship since Torres was clearly jealous and he was called out for it by McGee. While Torres tired to say he was jealous about not hanging out with Thomas it seemed to be more about Bishop being on a date.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We want to give a very special thanks to NCIS for not only having a legally blind witness on the case tonight, but for also hiring an actress who is actually legally blind. It was interesting to see how Torres acted around her at first, because time and time again we have seen that happen to Matt (our co-owner) where people assume he can’t do something because of his blindness, but besides not being able to drive there’s nothing that Matt can’t do. People are often surprised by how much he can do and it seemed to be the same tonight with this blind witness. Kudos to NCIS for putting a positive focus on this. Speaking of this blind witness (Annie) – are Torres and her becoming a thing? They ended up on a bit of a date at the end of the episode and we saw Bishop’s own jealousy surface.

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