Survivor: Ghost Island episode 7 highlights: Well, one curse is broken…

Survivor: Ghost IslandSurvivor: Ghost Island episode 7 brought us many entertaining moments — and, to go along with it, an opportunity to watch people be so desperate to “reverse a curse” that they burned down a part of their own flag.

We’re not going to laugh too much at the Malolo tribe for making this decision. After all, they actually did win Immunity after they did it. This was still an interesting moment in an episode defined by curses, advantages from the past, and specifically Survivor: Micronesia callbacks.

Best Move of the Week – We’re giving that to Michael, who realized that his back was against the wall and went out to find a hidden immunity idol when he needed it the most. While his tribe ended up not going to Tribal Council, it was easy for him to assume that he was going to need it. Bonus points also for Wendell finding the idol on the Yanuya tribe — he wasn’t in jeopardy, but it was pretty cool that he got Erik’s botched immunity necklace from Micronesia.

Worst Move of the Week – Basically, Bradley being Bradley. He’s an incredibly smart guy, but also probably a guy who does have a habit of making it clear to other people just how smart and stubborn he is. He’s not the easiest person to live with and apparently, he hasn’t found the self-awareness yet to realize it.

Let’s also give an honorable mention here to Domenick and Chelsea for what feels like a very questionable vote-out tonight — as terrible as Bradley may have been at camp. Why get rid of someone willing to work with you for a little while over someone who may, by all accounts, be the most dangerous person out there?

Funniest Moment of the Week – By far, it’s Michael’s idol — the infamous f—ing stick once in the possession of Jason during Micronesia. Just rewatching that moment again is still television gold, just as much as it is that a stupid charred stick is actually something that has a little bit of power in the game.

Standout Player – We’re going to give it here to Libby, mostly because she may very well be the biggest threat out there. She’s very persuasive, so much so that she and Donathan found a way to convince Naviti people to vote in a way that wasn’t alongside tribal lines. She is easily the sort of player who makes it to the merge, gets forgotten about, and then pulls the strings for a few big blindsides. There’s a good chance that Domenick in particular regrets this.

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Elimination – Bradley Kleihege. Bradley was in a really dominant spot at one point in the game and in that sense, was hurt badly by the second tribe swap. Unfortunately, his biggest detriment in the game was not realizing how his behavior was rubbing off on others. It’s hard to know for certain until the exit interview tomorrow, but for now it feels like he would’ve been fine had he just paid attention to the other players and their needs a little bit more.

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