The Blacklist season 5 episode 19: Is Ian Garvey story ending before finale?

Blacklist season 5 spoilersThrough most of The Blacklist season 5, one of the things that we’ve wanted to see was a big showdown between Liz, Reddington, and the Big Bad for the season in Ian Garvey. As it turns out, though, the character is actually going to be potentially resolved a little early than you would have thought.

After all, The Blacklist season 5 episode 19 is entitled “Ian Garvey: Conclusion.” We don’t know what better sign you need that the series is wrapping up that character’s arc than the word “Conclusion” right in the name of the hour! This is going to mark a great opportunity to explore more of precisely how this character’s time could be done, provided of course that this is not some big red herring.

Below, The Blacklist season 5 episode 19 synopsis offered up some more insight when it comes to what lies ahead — let’s just say that there are some big revelations that are coming:

04/25/2018 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Wednesday) : Liz (Megan Boone) uses intel from an unexpected source to force a race with Red (James Spader) to uncover the secrets he holds, as Red initiates a plan to retrieve the duffel bag of bones.

Clearly, NBC isn’t messing around here in that they want to go ahead and admit to you in advance that the infamous bag of bones is going to be a big part of the story. What lies within these bones is going to change the entire series as we know it — there are plenty of theories out there about it and part of the fun is seeing how some of them are either proven true or debunked over time.

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What we mostly are curious about at the moment is this: What’s going to happen in the event that the mystery is solved in this episode? What will the final episodes of the season look like? Well, we’ve got a feeling that the end of Ian Garvey doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the story of the bones. There is likely going to be a little bit more story worth exploring in due time and hopefully, the show is going to give us a chance to take their time with some of that. After all, we’ve spent almost a year at this point dealing with these bones; why not let this story rest until the finale only to deliver a devastating cliffhanger at the very end of it?

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