Ink Master season 10 episode 13 review: When a team isn’t a team

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At the conclusion of Ink Master season 10 episode 13, it was pretty much clear that one team was whittled down about as far as humanly possible — and to some, they likely saw this coming for a while.

The elimination of Jeremy Brown has to be at this point one of the most predictable ones that we’ve seen in recent show history. He’s been in danger a few times as of late, and there was nothing about the edit that suggested that he was going to have some sort of incredible run to the end of the season. We do think that he is absolutely a great tattoo artist, but he’s probably one of those guys who is much better suited for an environment outside of the competition where he can be a little bit more creative and do his own thing more than be pigeonholed into specific designs or styles. He’s intensely creative and sometimes you have to be just as much efficient as you are creative in order to make it through.

The exit of Jeremy does make things a tad sad from a drama perspective, largely because it was starting to feel like some of the artists had moved on from their old favorite thing (attacking Josh Payne) back to their favorite thing (attacking Josh Payne). Also, the relationship between Jeremy and his mentor Steve Tefft had its own fair share of highs and lows.

Speaking of Steve, we do have to speak for a moment about that strange, dubious choice to give his artists a super-weird tattoo to try and mimic during the first challenge of the day — especially since we can’t imagine that this was the cup of tea for some of the human canvases that were present. Only the artists who could “Match Their Master” got safety and, in the end, the two who did were Josh and Juan Salgado. Basically, the competition at the moment seems to be strongly pointing to these two as the finalists at the end of the season. We don’t really mind that so much — they’re the most consistent artists left and we probably know them better than some of the other people left in the game. We do think that Jason Elliott and Deanna Smith have an underdog upside but they’re really going to need to rally to make it through.

CarterMatt Verdict

The reason why Ink Master season 10 remains somewhat still a mixed bag is that there are few defining moments, whether it be Buddha-gate with Cleen Rock One last season or Kyle Dunbar trying to fight Chris Nunez (which is probably the most memorable moment on this show). There aren’t those sort of watercooler moments, and the show is also suffering somewhat from there being not enough time in each episode to focus on the artists, the coaches, and the judges. The artists are getting lost in the process.

Still, we do like the five remaining artists this season and it does feel as though we’re building towards something pretty big in the finale.

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