Bull season 2 episode 19 video: A mystery of a double life

Bull season 2 episode 19Bull season 2 episode 19 is airing on CBS come Tuesday night, and judging from the title alone in “A Redemption,” you know that this is going to be a very different case than most. This is reflected even more when you look at some of what the network is promoting in the video that CarterMatt has for you below.

The man at the center of the case – His name is Jim Grayson (Nathan Darrow of House of Cards fame) … or at least that’s what they think his name is. Basically he is going to be accused of living a double life to escape some heinous acts of the past. He wanted an opportunity to start over and having this new identity is a way in which for him to do so. It’s admirable to want to turn over a new leaf, but the questions that this case is asking stem mostly from this: Is change actually possible with someone like this? Or, is his past simply too much to move away from?

The other side of the case – There are major criminal questions at the heart of Grayson’s case, but there is also an important personal question that also needs to be raised here: What sort of consequences should be coming by virtue of the deception that he pulled on his new family? This has to be one of the most devastating reveals that his new wife and family could have. How he bounces back from that, no matter the outcome of the case, is going to be interesting to watch.

The mission for Bull – For now, it has to be more on the legal side of things in proving that Grayson is not a criminal. This is going to require a pretty deep look into this man’s soul and, to go along with that, a pretty thorough investigation into whether or not Grayson has really changed all that much from who he was in the past. We know that Bull, if need be, will push the buttons of some of the people he represents in order to better determine their true nature. Don’t be altogether shocked in the event that this happens here, just because it could help to further prove guilt.

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The best episodes of Bull are the ones where, no matter the outcome of the case, there are still questions related to right and wrong. “A Redemption” could end up qualifying for that. You want to root for justice, but at the same time it is somewhat difficult when you don’t quite know in this situation what justice really is.

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