The Terror episode 3 review: The bear strikes again

The Terror episode 3The Terror episode 3 proved to be many different things, but at the top of the list is how haunting it is. This was the episode that brought some of the worst out of the monster and with that, caused the crew to think more about whether or not there was hope to continue this expedition in the north any longer.

We began this episode with a bit of an argument between Captain Francis Crozier and Sir John Franklin over the right way in which to alter the world as to what is going on up north. They were right about to push forward in their journey to the Northwest Passage; yet. this was when they started to feel the fervor of the creature known only as “The Bear.” A decision was made to try and go after it, but soon after that it was realized that this was not the smartest of ideas.

Ultimately, just three episodes in The Terror has delivered one of the biggest surprises that we could have imagined: The apparent death of Sir John Franklin. He was the victim of the latest attack, and it was one that really shook the crews of the Erebus and the Terror to their core. All of a sudden, Crozier wanted nothing more than to get out of this situation and find a way to safety. Meanwhile, some of the other men were simply intent on trying to find a proper way to understand precisely what they were going through. James Fitzjames wanted nothing more than to just have a little bit of time in order to grieve. There was a proper funeral, everyone said their piece over Sir John’s death, and then they were all seemingly ready to move on.

Yet, here is where things start to get just a little more interesting: In the closing minutes of Monday night’s new episode, we saw the return of the Bear to where some of the Eskimo people were residing, otherwise known as the same exact people who warned the crews to depart previously. As for what the Bear wanted, this was a pretty reasonable question — all that was left behind was a seal’s body. Is the Bear working for these people to take out these intruders on their land, and in turn offering them up sacrifices? Is Sir John really gone for good? We’re left with many questions at the moment and not many answers. It just feels like we are losing Ciaran Hinds far too early in the series … though to be fair he didn’t exactly last all that long on Game of Thrones, either.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The Terror episode 3 proved to be another exceptional episode featuring great performances from Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies, and we’ll give the writing team credit for their guts. This was a very good, visually-striking episode that delivered what has to be the best shocker of the season to date.

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