TV Heroes: The true heroic nature of Outlander’s Jamie Fraser

Outlander season 3 finale photosWelcome to CarterMatt’s new month-long TV Heroes feature! What we’re going to be doing throughout April is taking a look at some of our favorite men and women in the TV world that are doing what they can to inspire good work, good deeds and helping others. Let’s face it — this is a pretty negative world these days. Don’t we all need some additional reasons to smile? We like to think so.

It seems like a great starting-off point in focusing on Jamie Fraser given that he is one of the most-popular TV Heroes out there. He’s been a force to be reckoned with on Outlander ever since his introduction and he’s inspired many different emotions from fans.

Above all else though, Jamie is a flawed hero and that’s what makes him such a fantastic person to watch. He’s aspirational in how he managed to try to do things for the sake of himself and his family, but he also makes mistakes along the way. He lies, he can be selfish here and there, and he’s also been fairly reckless in doing battle with those he opposes. He’s impulsive at times; yet, so much of it is done with the best of intentions that it’s hard to be altogether upset with him.

Jamie’s devotion towards Claire is one of his most redeeming qualities; while we don’t often look at good husbands as heroes per se, it’s an admirable quality that there should be more across TV. He’s fought for her on many occasions, but also allowed her to fight for herself. The two have a true mutualistic relationship where they help one another; this is not strictly one-sided where his opinions dominate the room.

His devotion to Claire also extends towards some of his family. He was willing to travel halfway around the world to save Young Ian and we know that he’s done a lot already for the sake of helping Jenny. He’s also sacrificed for the sake of his son William and put him in what he felt was the best situation for him to succeed.

There is a lot for viewers to look up to with this character, even though he may be fiction — he’s hard-working, inspiring, doesn’t harbor hate towards many without cause, and remains open-minded to new ideas and perspectives even if he may be stubborn at first. He’s the perfect TV hero for 2018 because he inspires without drifting off into idealism. You know in the end that Jamie will try to do the right thing and that makes you want to keep watching.

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How will Jamie keep this heroism going?

There’s a reasonably good chance that he will make some catastrophic mistakes at the start of season 4, especially with Stephen Bonnet. Yet, he tried to make those through the goodness of his heart. Season 4 could be in some ways about recovery for Jamie, and then trying to do the right thing to both atone while showing others his true mettle. With him now in America alongside Claire, this is a chance for a true reintroduction into who he is.

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