Instinct episode 3 review: The tale of Amber, and of Lizzie’s sister Katie

Instinct episode 3Instinct episode 3 on CBS kicked things off with the introduction of a new character: Lizzie’s sister Katie. As it turns out, she is struggling with plenty of her own demons. She has a definite alcohol problem, one that was manifesting itself with her stumbling around and needing her sister to care for her.

Lizzie’s sister had a habit of screwing up, really to the point in which she needed help from those close to her. She relied on them. As this episode went on, Dylan had to try to teach her that as hard as it was, it was better to force Katie to make a change – otherwise, she never would. She threatened Katie that unless she would stop drinking, she had to leave. Katie didn’t stop, and then over the course of the episode she left without warning.

Let’s get into the murder (or murders) of the week — tonight’s episode kicked off with the murder of a young man named Caleb. When the evidence started to unfold, the easiest explanation was that his death could be tied to his family being from a controversial religion. However, the deeper the case went and the more it appeared that it could be a little bit more about the people who were in the young man’s life now as opposed to the people who were in the past. That especially proved to be the case when there was another body uncovered and there was only one connection between the two: Amber, a young girl with big secrets and one who could very well be a sociopath.

Unfortunately for Dylan and Lizzie, what they uncovered more as the episode went along was that Amber certainly had some demons. They had to figure out a way to confirm that she was precisely who they thought she was, and that was not altogether easy. It took them finding a way to bring someone out from her past in order to ensure that they pinned her to the point that she couldn’t escape.

We do think that Amber was one of the creepier villains that Instinct introduced, mostly in that she was a woman without some sort of remorse or sadness over what she did. She thought that she was used on some level and with that, she cast them aside.

Swinging back to Katie

The episode concluded with Katie actually coming back and having a conversation with her sister, one in which it was revealed that Katie actually did make it to ten months sober before falling back into addiction. She did need help, but more than that, Katie and Lizzie just need better lines of communication.

CarterMatt Verdict

Instinct episode 3 had, in between the Lizzie story and Dylan’s husband getting a new silent partner for his bar, some of the best character stories to date. Beyond that, it’s case that likely did freak you out a little. We’re not at the point yet where we think it’s a must-watch show, but Instinct is absolutely going in the right direction.

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