Prepare for Better Call Saul season 4 — season 3 arrives on Netflix

Better Call Saul season 4Better Call Saul season 4, for those unaware, is still many months away from its premiere. AMC has yet to confirm an official start date, though early indications suggest a launch in late summer.

What is nice though, is that the folks behind the scenes have decided to not make you wait any longer to see the third season on Netflix! All ten episodes are now available as of this week, and this marks an opportunity to dive into these deeply engrossing stories that tell you a little bit about the origin story of Saul Goodman the character plus also a few other interesting threads. Take, for example, the introduction of Gus Fring into Mike Ehrmantraut’s life or the roller-coaster ride that Kim Wexler goes on because of her decisions in her romantic life. There is also a devastating moment within the closing minutes of the finale, but in the event you are reading this article without seeing the show first we’ll leave that under wraps for you to discover.

The reason that the season 3 launch is so welcome and in some ways surprising is because the first two seasons did not premiere on Netflix until close to the next season’s premiere. It would have been easy for the powers that be to put the third season on hold until the summer; yet, in releasing it now they are actually giving Netflix viewers plenty of time to either watch for the first time or re-watch leading up to the fourth season premiere.

Obviously, in an ideal world Better Call Saul season 4 would receive some sort of ratings boost from people discovering the show via Netflix — this is, after all, one of the things that really lifted Breaking Bad to new heights. Yet, the Netflix climate has changed since then and we’re not necessarily seeing as big a correlation between viewers watching something on Netflix and then switching over and becoming a live viewer down the road. The network and the studio now rely more on streaming services to add some extra cash to the coffers via a licensing deal. It’s just another way to keep Better Call Saul going.

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