Madam Secretary season 4 episode 17 preview: Henry ponders new job, Senator Morejon returns

Madam SecretaryCBS has released the synopsis for Madam Secretary’s episode 17 titled “Phase Two” of the political drama’s fourth season and we are really excited about what’s coming up here.

“Phase Two” – Senator Morejon (José Zúňiga) puts phase two of Elizabeth’s U.S./Iran arms deal in jeopardy when he asserts that Iran funneled money from phase one of the deal to fund a recent bombing that killed an American citizen. Also, Henry mulls over the option of becoming the chairman of the new military ethics department at the National War College, on MADAM SECRETARY, Sunday, April 8 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

We’ve met Senator Morejon many times before and we have always thought he was a bad seed. His attitude and hidden agendas make fans dislike him and have certainly made him a villain for this series. He always tries to find ways to prevent Elizabeth from doing her job or put a road block in her way. However, Elizabeth handles it with class despite being completely frustrated by the man. So during this episode, Elizabeth will once again have to show some class while finding away around Senator Morejon’s attempts to derail her.

Despite the obstacles that Elizabeth will have to face, we love seeing her handle these situations. She absolutely shines and these moments reminds us why we love her so much. Whether not she will save the arms deal during the episode, she will certainly find a way to buy herself more time. She’ll put her smart-thinking and diplomatic experience to good use and we have no doubts she’ll kick butt in heels.

As for Henry, this decision is a big one. He would be head of a department and that takes up a lot of a person’s time. Henry also works for the government trying to find the bad guys and he’s very good at it. So if he takes this new job, will it take away from his other position? That remains to be seen, but it will be a great storyline to watch unfold. Knowing Henry he may want to try and take on both jobs, which again, would be great to see. There would definitely be challenges, but we think he could handle it.

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