Blue Bloods season 8 episode 17 sneak peek: Jamie’s discussion

Blue Bloods season 8We know that there are many people out there eagerly awaiting a big Jamie Reagan story, and with that Blue Bloods season 8 episode 17 is looking to deliver. This installment carries with it the title of “Close Calls” and based on the information CarterMatt has for you below, you can see Will Estes’ character almost in the role of adviser.

Jamie’s conversation in the sneak peek features a man named Tariq, someone who has been undercover as of late at a mosque and wants to be reassigned. Why does he want to leave this assignment? Tariq doesn’t quite say, but Jamie makes it pretty clear to him that it’s going to be hard for the bosses to be convinced to pull him. The work Tariq is doing right now is pretty invaluable and, to go along with that, he’s pretty good at it. There are also fewer people who would be available to take his place and they would have to start from scratch.

Unfortunately, we don’t think that some of Jamie’s advice seems to be sticking with Tariq. The problem here is one of respect versus perspective. We absolutely do think that Jamie does his best to help him, but at the same time Tariq is in the midst of a job that Jamie would never have. He cannot see things fully from his perspective; meanwhile, Tariq also doesn’t have the point of view necessary to understand what it’s like being the son of the commissioner and being told almost constantly that everything that you have within your job is strictly because of who your father is. These two are going to be on quite a journey just when it comes to this alone.

By the end of this episode we’re sure that there will be answers on this storyline and beyond that, hopefully some opportunities to see Eddie as well.

What do you want to see for Jamie Reagan when it comes to Blue Bloods season 8 episode 17? Be sure to share some of your thoughts right now in the comments below!

(Photo: CBS.)

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